Commit da183542 authored by Andrew Jones's avatar Andrew Jones
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Fix ink_metadata error messages

parent fccec236
......@@ -383,9 +383,9 @@ impl Manifest {
.ok_or(anyhow::anyhow!("[dependencies] section not found"))?
.ok_or(anyhow::anyhow!("{} dependency not found", contract_package_name))?
.ok_or(anyhow::anyhow!("ink_metadata dependency not found"))?
.ok_or(anyhow::anyhow!("{} dependency should be a table", contract_package_name))?;
.ok_or(anyhow::anyhow!("ink_metadata dependency should be a table"))?;
metadata::generate_package(dir, contract_package_name, ink_metadata.clone())?;
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