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Allow the watermark to always land on the relay parent (#1689)

parent ff5dee10
......@@ -185,7 +185,9 @@ Candidate Acceptance Function:
* `check_hrmp_watermark(P: ParaId, new_hrmp_watermark)`:
1. `new_hrmp_watermark` should be strictly greater than the value of `HrmpWatermarks` for `P` (if any).
1. `new_hrmp_watermark` must not be greater than the context's block number.
1. in `HrmpChannelDigests` for `P` an entry with the block number equal to `new_hrmp_watermark` should exist.
1. `new_hrmp_watermark` should be either
1. equal to the context's block number
1. or in `HrmpChannelDigests` for `P` an entry with the block number should exist
* `verify_outbound_hrmp(sender: ParaId, Vec<OutboundHrmpMessage>)`:
1. For each horizontal message `M` with the channel `C` identified by `(sender, M.recipient)` check:
1. exists
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