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Fix runtime benchmarks build (#929)

parent 7f59f2cc
......@@ -75,4 +75,8 @@ std = [
runtime-benchmarks = ["frame-benchmarking", "libsecp256k1"]
runtime-benchmarks = [
......@@ -122,17 +122,17 @@ decl_storage! {
// This allows for type-safe usage of the Substrate storage database, so you can
// keep things around between blocks.
trait Store for Module<T: Trait> as Claims {
Claims get(claims) build(|config: &GenesisConfig<T>| {
Claims get(fn claims) build(|config: &GenesisConfig<T>| {
config.claims.iter().map(|(a, b)| (a.clone(), b.clone())).collect::<Vec<_>>()
}): map hasher(identity) EthereumAddress => Option<BalanceOf<T>>;
Total get(total) build(|config: &GenesisConfig<T>| {
Total get(fn total) build(|config: &GenesisConfig<T>| {
config.claims.iter().fold(Zero::zero(), |acc: BalanceOf<T>, &(_, n)| acc + n)
}): BalanceOf<T>;
/// Vesting schedule for a claim.
/// First balance is the total amount that should be held for vesting.
/// Second balance is how much should be unlocked per block.
/// The block number is when the vesting should start.
Vesting get(vesting) config():
Vesting get(fn vesting) config():
map hasher(identity) EthereumAddress
=> Option<(BalanceOf<T>, BalanceOf<T>, T::BlockNumber)>;
......@@ -285,7 +285,6 @@ impl<T: Trait> Module<T> {
#[allow(deprecated)] // Allow `ValidateUnsigned`
impl<T: Trait> sp_runtime::traits::ValidateUnsigned for Module<T> {
type Call = Call<T>;
......@@ -166,19 +166,19 @@ pub struct FundInfo<AccountId, Balance, Hash, BlockNumber> {
decl_storage! {
trait Store for Module<T: Trait> as Crowdfund {
/// Info on all of the funds.
Funds get(funds):
Funds get(fn funds):
map hasher(twox_64_concat) FundIndex
=> Option<FundInfo<T::AccountId, BalanceOf<T>, T::Hash, T::BlockNumber>>;
/// The total number of funds that have so far been allocated.
FundCount get(fund_count): FundIndex;
FundCount get(fn fund_count): FundIndex;
/// The funds that have had additional contributions during the last block. This is used
/// in order to determine which funds should submit new or updated bids.
NewRaise get(new_raise): Vec<FundIndex>;
NewRaise get(fn new_raise): Vec<FundIndex>;
/// The number of auctions that have entered into their ending period so far.
EndingsCount get(endings_count): slots::AuctionIndex;
EndingsCount get(fn endings_count): slots::AuctionIndex;
......@@ -643,6 +643,8 @@ mod tests {
impl Contains<u64> for Nobody {
fn contains(_: &u64) -> bool { false }
fn sorted_members() -> Vec<u64> { vec![] }
#[cfg(feature = "runtime-benchmarks")]
fn add(_: &u64) { unimplemented!() }
impl treasury::Trait for Test {
type Currency = balances::Module<Test>;
......@@ -312,11 +312,11 @@ decl_storage! {
trait Store for Module<T: Trait> as Parachains
/// All authorities' keys at the moment.
pub Authorities get(authorities): Vec<ValidatorId>;
pub Authorities get(fn authorities): Vec<ValidatorId>;
/// The parachains registered at present.
pub Code get(parachain_code): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<Vec<u8>>;
pub Code get(fn parachain_code): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<Vec<u8>>;
/// The heads of the parachains registered at present.
pub Heads get(parachain_head): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<Vec<u8>>;
pub Heads get(fn parachain_head): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<Vec<u8>>;
/// Messages ready to be dispatched onto the relay chain. It is subject to
pub RelayDispatchQueue: map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Vec<UpwardMessage>;
......@@ -336,14 +336,14 @@ decl_storage! {
/// The mapping from parent block hashes to session indexes.
/// Used for double vote report validation.
pub ParentToSessionIndex get(session_at_block):
pub ParentToSessionIndex get(fn session_at_block):
map hasher(twox_64_concat) T::Hash => SessionIndex;
/// The era that is active currently.
/// Changes with the `ActiveEra` from `staking`. Upon these changes `ParentToSessionIndex`
/// is pruned.
ActiveEra get(active_era): Option<staking::EraIndex>;
ActiveEra get(fn active_era): Option<staking::EraIndex>;
add_extra_genesis {
config(authorities): Vec<ValidatorId>;
......@@ -180,10 +180,10 @@ decl_storage! {
PendingSwap: map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<ParaId>;
/// Map of all registered parathreads/chains.
Paras get(paras): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<ParaInfo>;
Paras get(fn paras): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Option<ParaInfo>;
/// The current queue for parathreads that should be retried.
RetryQueue get(retry_queue): Vec<Vec<(ParaId, CollatorId)>>;
RetryQueue get(fn retry_queue): Vec<Vec<(ParaId, CollatorId)>>;
/// Users who have paid a parathread's deposit
Debtors: map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => T::AccountId;
......@@ -131,11 +131,11 @@ type WinnersData<T> =
decl_storage! {
trait Store for Module<T: Trait> as Slots {
/// The number of auctions that have been started so far.
pub AuctionCounter get(auction_counter): AuctionIndex;
pub AuctionCounter get(fn auction_counter): AuctionIndex;
/// Ordered list of all `ParaId` values that are managed by this module. This includes
/// chains that are not yet deployed (but have won an auction in the future).
pub ManagedIds get(managed_ids): Vec<ParaId>;
pub ManagedIds get(fn managed_ids): Vec<ParaId>;
/// Various amounts on deposit for each parachain. An entry in `ManagedIds` implies a non-
/// default entry here.
......@@ -150,40 +150,40 @@ decl_storage! {
/// If a parachain doesn't exist *yet* but is scheduled to exist in the future, then it
/// will be left-padded with one or more zeroes to denote the fact that nothing is held on
/// deposit for the non-existent chain currently, but is held at some point in the future.
pub Deposits get(deposits): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Vec<BalanceOf<T>>;
pub Deposits get(fn deposits): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => Vec<BalanceOf<T>>;
/// Information relating to the current auction, if there is one.
/// The first item in the tuple is the lease period index that the first of the four
/// contiguous lease periods on auction is for. The second is the block number when the
/// auction will "begin to end", i.e. the first block of the Ending Period of the auction.
pub AuctionInfo get(auction_info): Option<(LeasePeriodOf<T>, T::BlockNumber)>;
pub AuctionInfo get(fn auction_info): Option<(LeasePeriodOf<T>, T::BlockNumber)>;
/// The winning bids for each of the 10 ranges at each block in the final Ending Period of
/// the current auction. The map's key is the 0-based index into the Ending Period. The
/// first block of the ending period is 0; the last is `EndingPeriod - 1`.
pub Winning get(winning): map hasher(twox_64_concat) T::BlockNumber => Option<WinningData<T>>;
pub Winning get(fn winning): map hasher(twox_64_concat) T::BlockNumber => Option<WinningData<T>>;
/// Amounts currently reserved in the accounts of the bidders currently winning
/// (sub-)ranges.
pub ReservedAmounts get(reserved_amounts):
pub ReservedAmounts get(fn reserved_amounts):
map hasher(twox_64_concat) Bidder<T::AccountId> => Option<BalanceOf<T>>;
/// The set of Para IDs that have won and need to be on-boarded at an upcoming lease-period.
/// This is cleared out on the first block of the lease period.
pub OnboardQueue get(onboard_queue): map hasher(twox_64_concat) LeasePeriodOf<T> => Vec<ParaId>;
pub OnboardQueue get(fn onboard_queue): map hasher(twox_64_concat) LeasePeriodOf<T> => Vec<ParaId>;
/// The actual on-boarding information. Only exists when one of the following is true:
/// - It is before the lease period that the parachain should be on-boarded.
/// - The full on-boarding information has not yet been provided and the parachain is not
/// yet due to be off-boarded.
pub Onboarding get(onboarding):
pub Onboarding get(fn onboarding):
map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId =>
Option<(LeasePeriodOf<T>, IncomingParachain<T::AccountId, T::Hash>)>;
/// Off-boarding account; currency held on deposit for the parachain gets placed here if the
/// parachain gets off-boarded; i.e. its lease period is up and it isn't renewed.
pub Offboarding get(offboarding): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => T::AccountId;
pub Offboarding get(fn offboarding): map hasher(twox_64_concat) ParaId => T::AccountId;
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