Unverified Commit f5217b9c authored by Niklas Adolfsson's avatar Niklas Adolfsson Committed by GitHub
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chore(http client): remove needless clone (#620)

parent 1e77c2df
......@@ -95,9 +95,7 @@ impl HttpTransportClient {
return Err(Error::RequestTooLarge);
// NOTE(niklasad1): this annoying we could just take `&str` here but more user-friendly to check
// that the URI is well-formed in the constructor.
let req = hyper::Request::post(self.target.clone())
let req = hyper::Request::post(&self.target)
.header(hyper::header::CONTENT_TYPE, hyper::header::HeaderValue::from_static(CONTENT_TYPE_JSON))
.header(hyper::header::ACCEPT, hyper::header::HeaderValue::from_static(CONTENT_TYPE_JSON))
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