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    • Luke Schoen's avatar
      feat: Relates to #402. Internationalisation. Base Support (#452) · 649d6bf0
      Luke Schoen authored
      * chore: Update to latest React 16.8.3 to requirements of react-i18next
      * feat: Scaffold basic translation with English and German
      * feat: Relates to #402. German translation fully working
      * fix: Switch back to English by default
      * fix: Allow user to switch between languages in preferences of context menu
      * feat: Translate the context menus
      * refactor: Remove German language. Add as separate PR
      * refactor: Remove blank line
      * docs: Update Readme with Internationalisation Add New language instructions
      * docs: Update Readme with Known Issues and Usage instructions
      * review-fix: Disabled tooltip Please fill out this field. Add High and Low tx speed
      * review-fix: Update license headers to be 2019 instead of 2018
      * review-fix: Change ns1 to fether-electron and fether-react. Use pino.debug
      * fix: Add missing i18n conversion for macOS Edit menu
      * review-fix: Remove unused i18next browser languagedetector dependency
      * merge latest from master and fix conflicts
      * merge latest master and fix conflicts. TODO do not expose remote
      * fix: Do not expose remote. Only expose add and remove listener, and reload via bridge
      * feat: Convert new release available text to i18n
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    • Amaury Martiny's avatar
      fix: Fix small bugs after hasty merge (#498) · ee2a222e
      Amaury Martiny authored
      * Revert @parity/* bump
      * Fix blockscout link
      * Pass down ws-origins flag
      * Fix again: use transactionHash
      * Update maintainers
      * Fix broken image in prod
    • Luke Schoen's avatar
      fix: Relates to #124. Security (#451) · d0ae2071
      Luke Schoen authored
      * feat: Security aspects for fether-electron. See #124
      * feat: Add Source Maps support
      * docs: Add Source Maps guide to Readme
      * feat: Add webpack-build-notifier add-on with custom Webpack config
      * fix: Remove duplicate dependency
      * WIP
      * WIP
      * review-fix: Configure CSP depending on NODE_ENV
      * fix: Fix worker-src for the camera in production
      * review-fix: Remove unnecessary config of source maps dependency
      * Use preload script as buffer between main and renderer processes (#463)
      * fix: Remove is-electron since now using preload script
      * fix: Remove old preload script
      * fix: Do not expose electron, remote, or require to web app
      * fix: Add newline
      * feat: Single Fether instance lock
      * fix: Move preload to static folder so works with binary
      * review-fix: Remove fix for webview since not used. Add comment incase used in future. Fix other event handling code
      * review-fix: Add optional opt-in to using Webpack notifier plugin by running with NOTIFIER=true yarn start
      * review-fix: Use pino.debug instead of console.log
      * review-fix: Add worker-src blob to CSP in development for webcam
      * review-fix: Update handling of untrusted urls and sessions and certificates
      * review-fix: Convert to WSS. Move CSP into array like in Parity-JS Shell. Update CSP
      * review-fix: Update CSP to avoid duplication
      * review-fix: Remove from new-window event listener that which applies to additional new BrowserWindows since not applicable
      * review-fix: Combined pino logs
      * review-fix: Change to parsedUrl.href instead of origin. Fix trusted urls for dev
      * fix: Remote https in prod
      * review-fix: Move WebpackBuildNotifier images so not in binary. Fix ico file
      * fix: Remove console.logs
      * refactor: Cleanup so can merge. Extract for inclusion in separate PR
      * review-fix: Remove debugging notes since better in wiki
      * review-fix: Remove other lines due to move to wiki
      * fix comment
      * review-fix: Remove setPermissionRequestHandler since not know if need. Move to https://hackmd.io/O1FA34BuSNyJoPV1Cu3L0A
      * review-fix: Move CSP debugging into onHeadersReceived
      * review-fix: Fix isParityRunningStatus
      * review-fix: Replace parse-url with Node.js url parser
      * review-fix: Remove parse-url from dependencies
      * fix: Fix logic in setCertificateVerifyProc
      * WIP
      * review-fix: Dynamically add WS port from CLI to trusted
      * review-fix: Update comments with security warnings
      * merge latest from master and fix conflicts
      * chore: Remove useless console.log
      * misc: See commit details
      * Remove --ws-origins from CLI, hard-code instead
      * Remove --ws-interface from CLI, hard-code instead
      * Ignore --ws-interface and --ws-origins flags in CLI
      * Add hard-coded default trusted WS interface to window.bridge
      * Add default WS port to window.bridge
      * WIP - start implementing isDev. See FIXME for future work required
      * review-fix: Use appIsPackaged instead of NODE_ENV
      * fix: Add IS_PROD to constants and assign appIsPackaged to it. Expose it to frontend so no longer use NODE_ENV
      * feat: Add wiki Fether FAQ to trusted urls since required by PR #482
      * fix: Fix untrusted blockscout.com error in setCertificateVerifyProc
      * review-fix: fix blocked image hosting and external blockscout urls
      * review-fix: trust github token icons
      * review-fix: Rename network to fetherNetwork so custom config avoids naming conflict
      * review-fix: Remove duplicate pino.debug for CSP
      * review-fix: Remove WsSecure until wss and certificates implemented
      * review-fix: Update config to show Electron security warnings in all environments
      * review-fix: Remove use of wsInterface
      * refactor: Refactor tests inside describe blocks
      * tests: Add chrome dev tools to tests for trusted urls
      * review-fix: Use NODE_ENV and Electron app.isPackaged
      * fix: Rebuild yarn.lock
      * fix: Fix linting to arg passed to correct script
      * review-fix: Remove ws-origins flag and trusted ws origins
      * test: Fix failing test
      * review-fix: Remove package-lock.json
      * fix: Use NODE_ENV consistently instead of process.defaultApp
      * fix: Change to hash instead of transactionHash for blockscout
  11. 28 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Thibaut Sardan's avatar
      Use new token contract's source (#477) · a1d014b0
      Thibaut Sardan authored
      * add script to manually fetch tokens from github.com/ethereum-lists/tokens over IPFS
      * remove ts files from linting
      * remove ts files from test to fix CI
      * WIP token image
      * improve token default image
      * Test the pipe with hardcoded IPFS addresses
      * add comments
      * add --use-hardcoded-addresses argument
      * shorten things up with a spread
      * address comments
      * fix test and address comment
  12. 21 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Axel Chalon's avatar
      Parity Ethereum bundling (#458) · 674e3bf3
      Axel Chalon authored
      * Parity Ethereum bundling
      * Grumbles; update light.js
      * Grumbles
      * Merge in PR#394 ac-upd-post: refactor sendStore post/postRaw
      * Download highest version matching requirement rather than latest beta
      * Rename RequireVersion to RequireParityVersion
      * Grumbles
      * Change Parity version requirement to ~2.4.1
      * Fix --no-run-parity with Parity already running
      * Grumble
      Co-Authored-By: default avataraxelchalon <xaxel@protonmail.com>
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    • Luke Schoen's avatar
      refactor: Integrate menubar. Separate logic for taskbar app. See commit details · 4763ac05
      Luke Schoen authored
      * Readme updated with environment variable prefix `TASKBAR=false` to disable taskbar.
      Use existing "electron" and "start" scripts in package.json.
      Configure taskbar to be enabled by default (i.e. `withTaskbar = true`)
      * Integrate menubar functionality including for taskbar including:
          * electron dependencies: `Tray`
          * electron-positioner: `Positioner`
      * Separate logic in `FetherApp` component dependending on whether `withTaskbar` is enabled,
      but shared functionality in `finalise()` function
      * Incorporate relevant Pino logs throughout to improve developer experience
      * Move options into FetherAppOptions class and move configuration config for options into
      a config subfolder within the module.
      * Use `extends` library to overwrite `DEFAULT_OPTIONS` options properties with those in `TASKBAR_OPTIONS`
      if `withTaskbar` is enabled
      * Add ability to pass `customOptions` to further overwrite the values in the config directory, and add option setter and getters
      * Move taskbar icons into app/options/config subdirectory.
      Use different logic to set the path of the icons directory depending on whether it was run
      using the "electron" or the "start" script in package.json. Leverage the fact that when
      "electron" is run the environment variable `SKIP_PREFLIGHT_CHECK=true` is set
      * Set the Electron option `webPreferences.devTools` depending on whether we are in production or not
      particularly for security reasons
      * Fix `activate` event listener to cater for `withTaskbar` enabled or disabled usage
      * BUG: When running with `withTaskbar` enabled we are setting the option `show: false`
      because it opens the window in the center of the screen instead of positioned right under the
      taskbar icon at the top of the screen.
      When you click the icon in the taskbar it toggles the window open/close correctly positioned
      since it takes into consideration the `bounds` value in `FetherApp.clickedTray`.
      To fix the bug we need to reuse the same approach.
      * BUG: Additional `EventEmitter` does not appear to be working correctly or is not required.
      Investigate if can remove
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