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write up current thinking on block weight detection

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......@@ -194,6 +194,43 @@ where
) -> Self::Proposal {
async move {
// TODO: how can we tell, here, if we expect a heavy block?
// The runtime exposes `frame_system::Module::block_weight`
// (
// and the `MaximumBlockWeight`
// (,
// so fundamentally this is a question of propagating the necessary runtime information
// through the Runtime API. At that point, it's a simple inequality:
// ```rust
// let expect_heavy_block = block_weight > maximum_block_weight - MARGIN;
// ```
// Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple, because the whole point of this proposer
// is to inject the provisioner data before the substrate proposer runs. Before it runs,
// the `block_weight` function isn't going to give us any useful information, beacuse
// nothing has yet been proposed to be included in the block.
// The naive option is very simple: run the proposer, then weigh the block. Either add a
// dry-run mode to the internal proposer, or run the internal proposer and then revert
// all state changes that it's made. The downside of this approach is that it runs
// everything twice, cutting runtime performance literally in half. That would be
// suboptimal.
// A somewhat more sophisticated approach takes advantage of the fact that Substrate's
// proposer is greedy: if it is possible to include all proposed transactions, then it
// will do so. This means that we can just compute the weight of all the transactions in
// the pool, and use essentially the same inequality:
// ```rust
// let expect_heavy_block = sum_of_tx_weights > maximum_block_weight - MARGIN;
// ```
// This is complicated by the fact that transactions are code, not data: in principle,
// it would be possible for an attacker to craft a transaction which is heavy and looks
// valid to the transaction pool, but which aborts cheaply when it is executed,
// preventing its costs from being deducted from the attacker. Spamming the relay chain
// with sufficient of these transactions would prevent all parachain progress.
let expect_heavy_block = false;
let provisioner_data = if !expect_heavy_block {
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