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    docs: Update Readme with TOC, Contributor Guideline. Update Cargo package descriptions (#10652) · 6022c47b
    Luke Schoen authored
    * docs: Update Readme with TOC, Contributor Guide and License sections
    * docs: Simplify package descriptions in Readme
    * docs: Fix typos
    * docs: Update Cargo package configs adding missing descriptions
    * fix: Remove machine since was accidental from diff branch. Fix contribting indentation.
    * fix: Fix formatting
    * remove details snippet since not code and formats badly
    * review-fix: Remove duplicate description
    * fix dot point formatting
    * fix: Add missing description to vm package
    * fix: Remove duplicate Code of Conduct and Contributor guidelines
    * docs: Update Contributing for consistency with other repos
    * docs: Update Readme to link to existing Code of Conduct and Contributor guidelines in .github folder
    * refactor: Add missing space
    * fix: Fix links to be markdown format
    * review-fix: Update CONTRIBUTING.md to link to Parity Ethereum Style Guide
    * docs: Fix type in .github/CONTRIBUTING.md
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * docs: Fix typo in .github/CONTRIBUTING.md
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * docs: Rephrase parity-clib/Cargo.toml
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * review-fix: Fix whole paragraph
    * review-fix: Add comment to prevent direct pushes to master branch
    * review-fix: Change some rules to recommendations
    * Update .github/CONTRIBUTING.md
    Co-Authored-By: default avatarTomasz Drwięga <tomusdrw@users.noreply.github.com>
    * review-fix: Replace feature reduction with breaking changes dot point
    * review-fix: Rephrase what to do when reviewing PR
    * review-fix: Update parity-rpc package description and module rustdocs
    * docs: Add missing fullstop
    * review-fix: Update rustdoc section to show all packages first as default
    * review-fix: Rename Parity Util to Parity Core Libraries
    * review-fix: Rename readme too for the C bindings name change
    * review-fix: Remove some docs since we do not teach the reader Rust
    * review-fix: Wrap Parity Ethereum specific packages in a details section
    * review-fix: Separate tools that are in this repo vs those that are not
    * review-fix: Add link to ethabi on crates.io
    * review-fix: Remove unnecessary extra line talking about pushing to master
    * review-fix: Remove useless summary of parts of the rust book documentation section
    * docs: Update .github/CONTRIBUTING.md to specify two reviewers required
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * docs: Update README.md with simplification
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * docs: Update README.md renaming to Test Runner instead of just Run
    Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <dvdplm@gmail.com>
    * review-fix: Remove hardware wallet from docs
    * review-fix: Remove veto PR section of contributor doc
    * review-fix: Change to test generator title
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