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    Enable aesni (#10756) · be5db141
    David authored
    * Run cargo fix
    * Optimize imports
    * compiles
    * cleanup
    * Use Secret to store mac-key
    Truncate payload properly
    * cleanup
    * Reorg imports
    * brwchk hand waving
    * Review feedback
    * whitespace
    * error chain is dead
    * Build parity-ethereum with SSE2, SSSE3 and AES enabled
    This enables the `aesni` crate for 50x faster AES crypto.
    * Correct rustflag setting
    * List all target triples because [target.'cfg(…)'] is broken
    * whitespace
    * Enable hardware aes for CI builds
    * Add note about synchronizing changes
    * Remove "Linker" printout
    * Build artefacts to check hardware aesni
    * Skip signing windows binaries
    * Build windows like before
    * address grumble
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