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  1. 18 Feb, 2019 3 commits
  2. 15 Feb, 2019 1 commit
  3. 14 Feb, 2019 4 commits
  4. 13 Feb, 2019 2 commits
  5. 12 Feb, 2019 6 commits
  6. 11 Feb, 2019 5 commits
    • cheme's avatar
      Additional error for invalid gas (#10327) · d89b8d90
      cheme authored
      * Tag sensible place (ECHECH)
      * Additional overflows checks.
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Revive parity_setMinGasPrice RPC call (#10294) · 8e866ee5
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Add function to update minimum gas price
      * Update TestMinerService to handle min_gas_price changes
      * Place minimum gas price test behind feature flag
      * Update check for fixed gas pricer to be more explicit
      * Use errors::unsupported instead of errors::request_rejected
      * Add test that fails to set minimum gas price
      * Fix test that should fail when setting new gas price
      * Put dev dependencies behind feature flag
      * Fix deadlock in set_minimal_gas_price()
      * Update RPC tests with mocked error response
      * Remove unnecessary cfg flag
      * Remove duplicate crate imports
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Add Statetest support for Constantinople Fix (#10323) · 6dfc1bd4
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Update Ethereum tests repo to v6.0.0-beta.3 tag
      * Add spec for St.Peter's / ConstantinopleFix statetests
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      fix(parity-clib): grumbles that were not addressed in #9920 (#10154) · c84e5745
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      * fix(remove needless unsafe blocks)
      * style(nits)
      * fix(parity-clib): eliminate repetitive event loops
      * revert(java bindings): safe rust -> unsafe rust
      These functions can still end up with `UB` thus should be unsafe
      * fix(grumbles): make Callback trait `pub (crate)`
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      fix(light-rpc): Make `light_sync` generic (#10238) · 751d15e4
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      * fix(light-rpc): Make `light_sync` generic
      The motivation behind this change is to easily mock `light-sync` to make it possible to enable `rpc-integration` tests
      for the light-client.
      Currently the `rpc's` requires the concrete type `sync::LightSync` which makes it very hard to do so
      * fix(bad merge)
  7. 08 Feb, 2019 4 commits
  8. 07 Feb, 2019 7 commits
    • Denis_P's avatar
      CI optimizations (#10297) · 83bcb819
      Denis_P authored
      * CI optimizations
      * fix stripping
      * new dockerfile
      * no need n submodule upd
      * review
      * moved dockerfile
      * it becomes large
      * onchain update depends on s3
      * fix dependency
      * fix cache status
      * fix cache status
      * new cache status
    • elferdo's avatar
      Increase number of requested block bodies in chain sync (#10247) · b7e86218
      elferdo authored
      * Increase the number of block bodies requested during Sync.
      * Increase the number of block bodies requested during Sync.
      * Check if our peer is an older parity client with the bug
        of not handling large requests properly
      * Add a ClientVersion struct and a ClientCapabilites trait
      * Make ClientVersion its own module
      * Refactor and extend use of ClientVersion
      * Replace strings with ClientVersion in PeerInfo
      * Group further functionality in ClientCapabilities
      * Move parity client version data from tuple to its own struct.
      * Implement accessor methods for ParityClientData and remove them
      from ClientVersion.
      * Minor fixes
      * Make functions specific to parity return types specific to parity.
      * Test for shorter ID strings
      * Fix formatting and remove unneeded dependencies.
      * Roll back Cargo.lock
      * Commit last Cargo.lock
      * Convert from string to ClientVersion
      * * When checking if peer accepts service transactions just check
        if it's parity, remove version check.
      * Remove dependency on semver in ethcore-sync
      * Remove unnecessary String instantiation
      * Rename peer_info to peer_version
      * Update RPC test helpers
      * Simplify From<String>
      * Parse static version string only once
      * Update RPC tests to new ClientVersion struct
      * Document public members
      * More robust parsing of ID string
      * Minor changes.
      * Update version in which large block bodies requests appear.
      * Update ethcore/sync/src/
      Co-Authored-By: elferdo's avatarelferdo <>
      * Update util/network/src/
      Co-Authored-By: elferdo's avatarelferdo <>
      * Update util/network/src/
      Co-Authored-By: elferdo's avatarelferdo <>
      * Update tests.
      * Minor fixes.
    • Tomasz Drwięga's avatar
      Deprecate account management (#10213) · d5c19f87
      Tomasz Drwięga authored
      * Extract accounts from ethcore.
      * Fix ethcore.
      * Get rid of AccountProvider in test_helpers
      * Fix rest of the code.
      * Re-use EngineSigner, fix tests.
      * Simplify EngineSigner to always have an Address.
      * Fix RPC tests.
      * Add deprecation notice to RPCs.
      * Feature to disable accounts.
      * extract accounts in RPC
      * Run with accounts in tests.
      * Fix RPC compilation and tests.
      * Fix compilation of the binary.
      * Fix compilation of the binary.
      * Fix compilation with accounts enabled.
      * Fix tests.
      * Update submodule.
      * Remove android.
      * Use derive for Default
      * Don't build secretstore by default.
      * Add link to issue.
      * Refresh Cargo.lock.
      * Fix miner tests.
      * Update rpc/Cargo.toml
      Co-Authored-By: 's avatartomusdrw <>
      * Fix private tests.
    • Wei Tang's avatar
      Properly handle check_epoch_end_signal errors (#10015) · 8fa56add
      Wei Tang authored
      * Make check_epoch_end_signal to only use immutable data
      * Move check_epoch_end_signals out of commit_block
      * Make check_epoch_end_signals possible to fail
      * Actually return the error from check_epoch_end_signals
      * Remove a clone
      * Fix import error
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
    • Julien Bouteloup's avatar
      Add missing step for Using `systemd` service file (#10175) · e344286c
      Julien Bouteloup authored
      * Add missing step for  Using `systemd` service file
      Copy Parity release from target folder to bin, write `cp -R ./target/release/parity /usr/bin/` to match `ExecStart=/usr/bin/parity --config /etc/parity/config.toml` from ``
      * Copy release to bin folder using sudo install
      `sudo install ./target/release/parity /usr/bin/parity`
    • Anton Gavrilov's avatar
      Call private contract methods from another private contract (read-only) (#10086) · 45d7c606
      Anton Gavrilov authored
      * Patch available private contracts during private transaction
      * Key acl ABI added
      * Work with secret store keys moved to the separate struct
      * Private tx test refactored
      * Revert "Private tx test refactored"
      This reverts commit 476c132d.
      * Test for calling private contract from another one added
      * Test fixed
      * Redundant tab removed
      * ACL contract processing fixed, test added
      * Merge with head
      * Expect replaced with closure
  9. 06 Feb, 2019 2 commits
    • Andronik Ordian's avatar
      update ring to 0.14 (#10262) · a3e39c98
      Andronik Ordian authored
      * cargo upgrade hyper-rustls --all
      * cargo upgrade parity-crypto --all
      * update Cargo.lock
      * propagate NonZeroU32
      * use NonZeroU32::new_unchecked for crypto::KEY_ITERATIONS
      * update Cargo.lock
      * replace unsafe code with lazy_static
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      fix(secret-store): deprecation warning (#10301) · 8ab6d898
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      use of deprecated item 'core::str::<impl str>::trim_left_matches': superseded by `trim_start_matches`
  10. 05 Feb, 2019 2 commits
  11. 03 Feb, 2019 3 commits
  12. 01 Feb, 2019 1 commit
    • Seun LanLege's avatar
      prevent silent errors in daemon mode (#10007) · 0f9b2218
      Seun LanLege authored
      * prevent silent errors in daemon mode
      * change author in Cargo.toml, add preamble to
      * set the uid and gid on daemon process, fix permission errors when writing to pid file
      * call setup_logger before daemonize to prevent crashing when attempting to create logfile
      * map_err for calls to splice and ioctl, fix spaces in Cargo.toml
      * split out daemonize to own repo
      * removed util/daemonize
      * renamed dep to parity-daemonize
      * fix(parity-clib): enable `logger`
      * bump parity-daemonize
      * remove obsolete comment
      Co-Authored-By: Seun LanLege's avatarseunlanlege <>
      * fix(grumbles): docs and log in ParityParams
      * Add FIXME comment regarding @tomaka grumbles
      * Unify logger with the C-API in ParityParams (less type-safety with more from_raw() conversions)
      * Add better documentation in the `parity.h`
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: Seun LanLege's avatarseunlanlege <>
      * docs(parity lib): add link to logging issue
      * fix(parity-clib): JNI enable `logger`
      * fix(parity-clib): update `Java example`
      * Update example to the API changes
      * Remove needless printouts which can be controlled via logger instead