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  1. 12 Dec, 2019 2 commits
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    • David's avatar
      Ensure jsonrpc threading settings are sane (#11267) · 82c32658
      David authored
      * Ensure jsonrpc threading settings are sane
      Starting with `jsonrpc` v14, the "server threads" setting is more important than before and the current default of 1 means the https server is effectively single-threaded. This PR proposes a new default of 4 (and ensures that crazy settings like e.g. `0` are bumped to at least `1`).
      Also included: some docs, tests and cosmetics.
      * Update parity/
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarTomasz Drwięga <>
      * Update parity/
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarTomasz Drwięga <>
      * Remove (i.e. deprecate) `--jsonrpc-threads` command line option
      * Call numbers NUM
      * Don't show a default for --jsonrpc-threads (deprecated)
      * Show deprecation warning when using `--jsonrpc-threads` or `processing_threads`
      * Update parity/
      Co-Authored-By: Niklas Adolfsson's avatarNiklas Adolfsson <>
      * Fix test
      * Fix tests for real
  14. 15 Nov, 2019 2 commits
  15. 13 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  16. 12 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Marek Kotewicz's avatar
      simplify verification (#11249) · db1ea1dc
      Marek Kotewicz authored
      * simplify verifier, remove NoopVerifier
      * simplify verifier by removing Verifier trait and its only implementation
      * remove unused imports
      * fixed verification test failing to compile
  17. 11 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  18. 10 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Seun LanLege's avatar
      Make InstantSeal Instant again (#11186) · 887aa62f
      Seun LanLege authored
      * Make InstantSeal Instant again
      * update_sealing if there are transactions in pool after impoerting a block, some line formatting
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarTomasz Drwięga <>
      * InstantSeal specific behaviour
      * introduce engine.should_reseal_on_update, remove InstantSealService
      * remove unused code
      * add force param to update_sealing
      * better docc
      * even better docs
      * revert code changes, doc corrections, sort dep
      * code optimization
      * fix test
      * fix bench
  19. 05 Nov, 2019 2 commits
  20. 02 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Talha Cross's avatar
      ethcore/res: add mordor testnet configuration (#11200) · 1b4d23fd
      Talha Cross authored
      * ethcore/res: add mordor testnet configuration
      * ethcore/spec: add mordor testnet configuration
      * parity/cli: add mordor testnet configuration
      * parity/config: fix tests
      * ethcore/res: update mordor spec with agharta hardfork block 301243
      *  ethcore/res: update kotti with agharta block 1705549
      * ethcore/res: update morden with agharta block 5000381
      * ethcore/res: multiple prices and activations for mordor testnet
      * fix mordor spec json
      * fix mordor spec json
  21. 01 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      [chain specs]: activate `Istanbul` on mainnet (#11228) · 43dc9af0
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      * [chains spec]: activate istanbul at mainnet
      * Activate `Block >= 9,069,000` on the Ethereum mainnet
      * Enable Blake2 compression function `F` precompile
      * [chain specs]: add comments for EIP1108 activation
      * [chainspec mainnet]: enable Istanbul transitions
      * [chainspec mainnet]: simply configuration
  22. 31 Oct, 2019 3 commits
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      [builtin]: support `multiple prices and activations` in chain spec (#11039) · 13729a0f
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      * [builtin]: impl new builtin type
      Have an enum to deserialize either a builtin of a single price or several prices
      * [builtin]: style cleanup
      * [builtin]: fix tests
      * [builtin]: replace boxing with wrapper enum
      * cleanup
      * fix: make it backward compatible with old builtin
      * fix: update chain specs
      * fix: revert use of `type alias` on enum
      The CI doesn't use the latest rust.
      This commit reverts that change
      * fix: builtin tests
      * fix: revert use of `type alias` on enum
      * [basic-authority]: update test-chainspec
      * fix failing tests
      * [builtin]: multi-prices add `info field`
      It might be hard to read chain specs with several activations points.
      This commit introduces a `info` field which may be used to write some
      information about the current activation such as:
      `Istanbul hardfork EIP-1108` or something similar.
      * fix: bad rebase
      Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <>
      * fix(grumbles): make it backward compatible
      * grumbles: resolve `NOTE`
      * revert chain specs changes
      * rename test
      Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <>
      * [builtin docs]: price -> Fixed price
      Co-Authored-By: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <>
      * [json]: address naming grumbles
      InnerPricing -> PricingInner
      PriceWithActivationAt -> PricingAt
      * docs: revert changes for `AltBn128ConstOperations`
      * [json]: usize -> u64
      Use explicit types to cope with platform dependent issues for `usize`
      * grumble: simplify `spec_backward_compability.json`
      * docs: add issue link to `TODO`
      * [builtin]: replace `match` with `map`
      * [builtin]: add deprecation message `eip1108` params
      * nits
      * [json spec tests]: fix json indentation
      * [json docs]: fix typos
      * [json]: `compability layer` + deser to BTreeMap
      Previously we had to match `Pricing::Single` and `PricingMulti` which this fixes.
      It does by introducing a compability layer and into() implemenentation.
      In addition, I switched the deserialization to `BTreeMap` instead of `Vec`.
      That changes the format of the chain spec again
      * [json]: rename `BuiltinCombat` -> `BuiltinCompat`
      * Update ethcore/builtin/src/
      Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <>
      * [json builtin]: improve docs
      Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <>
      * [json builtin]: improve docs
      Co-Authored-By: David's avatarDavid <>
      * chore(builtin): sort dependencies
      * [json builtin]: deprecate `eip1108` params
      * [machine]: add bench for calling builtin contract
      * [machine]: reduce calls to `Builtin::is_active`
      * [builtin]: fix nits
      * [json]: revert breakage of chain specs
      * [json builtin]: remove `eip1108` params
      * [chain specs]: update to new format
      * [machine]: revert changes
      * [devp2p]: revert change
      * [builtin]: doc nits
    • Anton Gavrilov's avatar
    • David's avatar
      Snapshot restoration overhaul (#11219) · 8c2199dd
      David authored
      * Comments and todos
      Use `snapshot_sync` as logging target
      * fix compilation
      * More todos, more logs
      * Fix picking snapshot peer: prefer the one with the highest block number
      More docs, comments, todos
      * Adjust WAIT_PEERS_TIMEOUT to be a multiple of MAINTAIN_SYNC_TIMER to try to fix snapshot startup problems
      Docs, todos, comments
      * Tabs
      * Formatting
      * Don't build new rlp::EMPTY_LIST_RLP instances
      * Dial down debug logging
      * Don't warn about missing hashes in the manifest: it's normal
      Log client version on peer connect
      * Cleanup
      * Do not skip snapshots further away than 30k block from the highest block seen
      Currently we look for peers that seed snapshots that are close to the highest block seen on the network (where "close" means withing 30k blocks). When a node starts up we wait for some time (5sec, increased here to 10sec) to let peers connect and if we have found a suitable peer to sync a snapshot from at the end of that delay, we start the download; if none is found and --warp-barrier is used we stall, otherwise we start a slow-sync.
      When looking for a suitable snapshot, we use the highest block seen on the network to check if a peer has a snapshot that is within 30k blocks of that highest block number. This means that in a situation where all available snapshots are older than that, we will often fail to start a snapshot at all. What's worse is that the longer we delay starting a snapshot sync (to let more peers connect, in the hope of finding a good snapshot), the more likely we are to have seen a high block and thus the more likely we become to accept a snapshot.
      This commit removes this comparison with the highest blocknumber criteria entirely and picks the best snapshot we find in 10sec.
      * lockfile
      * Add a `ChunkType::Dupe` variant so that we do not disconnect a peer if they happen to send us a duplicate chunk (just ignore the chunk and keep going)
      Resolve some documentation todos, add more
      * tweak log message
      * Don't warp sync twice
      Check if our own block is beyond the given warp barrier (can happen after we've completed a warp sync but are not quite yet synced up to the tip) and if so, don't sync.
      More docs, resolve todos.
      Dial down some `sync` debug level logging to trace
      * Avoid iterating over all snapshot block/state hashes to find the next work item
      Use a HashSet instead of a Vec and remove items from the set as chunks are processed. Calculate and store the total number of chunks in the `Snapshot`  struct instead of counting pending chunks each time.
      * Address review grumbles
      * Log correct number of bytes written to disk
      * Revert ChunkType::Dup change
      * whitespace grumble
      * Cleanup debugging code
      * Fix docs
      * Fix import and a typo
      * Fix test impl
      * Use `indexmap::IndexSet` to ensure chunk hashes are accessed in order
      * Revert increased SNAPSHOT_MANIFEST_TIMEOUT: 5sec should be enough