Commit ee016127 authored by David's avatar David Committed by Marek Kotewicz

Clarify what first_block `None` means (#11269)

parent e0091c67
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......@@ -223,8 +223,9 @@ pub struct BlockChain {
// Stores best block of the first uninterrupted sequence of blocks. `None` if there are no gaps.
// Only updated with `insert_unordered_block`.
best_ancient_block: RwLock<Option<BestAncientBlock>>,
// Stores the last block of the last sequence of blocks. `None` if there are no gaps.
// This is calculated on start and does not get updated.
// Stores the hash of the first block of the last sequence of blocks. `None` means that there
// are no gaps in the chain; `Some(hash)` means that the database was warp-synced.
// This is calculated on start and is not updated.
first_block: Option<H256>,
// block cache
......@@ -640,12 +641,12 @@ impl BlockChain {
best_ancient_number = best_ancient.as_ref().and_then(|h| bc.block_number(h));
// binary search for the first block.
// binary search for the first block (unless they warp synced their db we'll search back to genesis).
match raw_first {
None => {
let (mut f, mut hash) = (best_block_number, best_block_hash);
let mut l = best_ancient_number.unwrap_or(0);
trace!(target: "blockchain", "Looking for first block. Starting binary search between f={} and l={}", f, l);
loop {
if l >= f { break; }
......@@ -659,7 +660,7 @@ impl BlockChain {
if hash != bc.genesis_hash() {
trace!("First block calculated: {:?}", hash);
trace!(target:"blockchain", "First block calculated: #{}/{:?}; writing to disk", f, hash);
let mut batch = db.key_value().transaction();
batch.put(db::COL_EXTRA, b"first", hash.as_bytes());
db.key_value().write(batch).expect("Low level database error when writing 'first' block. Some issue with disk?");
......@@ -1598,7 +1599,7 @@ impl BlockChain {
let first_block_number = self.first_block_number().into();
let genesis_hash = self.genesis_hash();
// ensure data consistencly by locking everything first
// ensure data consistency by locking everything first
let best_block =;
let best_ancient_block =;
BlockChainInfo {
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