Commit b9fc5bdd authored by Arkadiy Paronyan's avatar Arkadiy Paronyan

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/transaction_queue_race' into beta

parents 1964ed7e 40ac01b7
......@@ -516,11 +516,10 @@ impl TransactionQueue {
let base_nonce = fetch_nonce(&address);
Self::replace_transaction(tx, base_nonce, &mut self.current, &mut self.by_hash);
Self::replace_transaction(tx, state_nonce, &mut self.current, &mut self.by_hash);
self.last_nonces.insert(address, nonce);
// But maybe there are some more items waiting in future?
self.move_matching_future_to_current(address, nonce + U256::one(), base_nonce);
self.move_matching_future_to_current(address, nonce + U256::one(), state_nonce);
self.current.enforce_limit(&mut self.by_hash);
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