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## Parity-Ethereum [v2.6.3](
Parity Ethereum v2.6.3-stable is a patch release that improves security, stability and performance.
* The most noteworthy improvement in this release is incorporating all the EIPs required for the Istanbul hard fork.
* This release also fixes certain security and performance issues, one of which was suspected to be consensus-threatening but turned out to be benign. Thanks to Martin Holst Swende and Felix Lange from the Ethereum Foundation for bringing the suspicious issue to our attention.
The full list of included changes:
* add more tx tests (#11038)
* Fix parallel transactions race-condition (#10995)
* Add blake2_f precompile (#11017)
* [trace] introduce trace failed to Ext (#11019)
* Edit to use https (#11016)
* Fix deadlock in network-devp2p (#11013)
* EIP 1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs (#11008)
* xDai chain support and nodes list update (#10989)
* EIP 2028: transaction gas lowered from 68 to 16 (#10987)
* EIP-1344 Add CHAINID op-code (#10983)
* manual publish jobs for releases, no changes for nightlies (#10977)
* [blooms-db] Fix benchmarks (#10974)
* Verify transaction against its block during import (#10954)
* Better error message for rpc gas price errors (#10931)
* Fix fork choice (#10837)
* Fix compilation on recent nightlies (#10991)
* Don't build rpc with ethcore test-helpers (#11048)
* EIP 1884 Re-pricing of trie-size dependent operations (#10992)
* Implement EIP-1283 reenable transition, EIP-1706 and EIP-2200 (#10191)
## Parity-Ethereum [v2.6.2](
Parity Ethereum v2.6.2-stable is a bugfix release that fixes a potential DoS attack in the trace_call RPC method. This is a critical upgrade for anyone running Parity nodes with RPC exposed to the public internet (and highly recommended for anyone else). For details see this blog post.
## Parity-Ethereum [v2.6.1](
Parity-Ethereum 2.6.1-beta is a patch release that improves stability.
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