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update ropsten forkCanonHash, forkBlock (#11247)

value taken from
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......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
"maximumExtraDataSize": "0x20",
"minGasLimit": "0x1388",
"networkID": "0x3",
"forkBlock": "0x40E80F",
"forkCanonHash": "0x3e12d5c0f8d63fbc5831cc7f7273bd824fa4d0a9a4102d65d99a7ea5604abc00",
"forkBlock": "0x62f757",
"forkCanonHash": "0x3a024a13310ec9b4805f681b17c3ae6c94167d1c6494e83d70a887ebc27df5ea",
"maxCodeSize": "0x6000",
"maxCodeSizeTransition": "0xa",
"eip150Transition": "0x0",
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