Commit 36c917eb authored by Andronik Ordian's avatar Andronik Ordian Committed by GitHub

validate-chainspecs: check istanbul eips are in the foundation spec (#11305)

* validate-chainspecs: check istanbul eips are in foundation spec

* foundation: specify 1283 disable/reenable transitions
parent cfe57633
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......@@ -164,11 +164,13 @@
"eip145Transition": "0x6f1580",
"eip1014Transition": "0x6f1580",
"eip1052Transition": "0x6f1580",
"eip1283Transition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip1283Transition": "0x0",
"eip1283DisableTransition": "0x0",
"eip1283ReenableTransition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip1344Transition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip1706Transition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip1884Transition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip2028Transition": "0x8a61c8",
"eip1344Transition": "0x8a61c8"
"eip2028Transition": "0x8a61c8"
"genesis": {
"seal": {
......@@ -15,6 +15,15 @@ done
for spec in ethcore/res/ethereum/*.json; do
if ! ./target/release/chainspec "$spec"; then ERR=1; fi
echo "________Mainnet contains Istanbul EIPs________"
for eip in $(grep --only-matching "eip.*Transition" ethcore/res/ethereum/istanbul_test.json); do
if ! grep -q $eip ethcore/res/ethereum/foundation.json; then
echo "ERROR: $eip is missing in the foundation json spec"
#show sccache statistics
sccache --show-stats
exit $ERR
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