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    Use memmap for dag cache (#6193) · 5c08698f
    Jef authored
    * Rebase and fix compilation errors (tests not yet fixed)
    * Use `debug_assert` over `assert`
    * Fix tests
    * Assert safety, clean up
    * Fix up stale cache removal, move one assert to debug_assert
    * Remove printlns
    * Add licenses
    * Fix benches
    * Inline some no-ops in a hot loop that weren't being inlined
    * Add spooky comment to make sure no-one removes the inlining annotations
    * Minor cleanup
    * Add option to switch between mmap and ram
    * Flag ethash to use less memory when running light client
    * Fix tests
    * Remove todo comment (it's done)
    * Replace assertion with error return
    * Fix indentation
    * Use union instead of `transmute`
    * Fix benches
    * Extract to constants
    * Clean up and fix soundness holes
    * Fix formatting
    * Ignore missing-file errors
    * Make incorrect cache size an error condition instead of a panic, remove dead code
    * Fix compilation errors from rebase
    * Fix compilation errors in tests
    * Fix compilation errors in tests
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