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    Upgrade tokio to 1.22.0 and replace async-std with tokio (#12646) · 2bde8c1a
    Dmitry Markin authored
    * Replace deprecated libp2p feature specs with correct ones
    * Bump tokio to 1.21.2
    * Replace async-std libp2p primitives with tokio ones
    * minor: rustfmt
    * Fix TestNet to run initialization in the tokio context
    * Convert telemetry test from async-std to tokio
    * Convert notifications tests from async-std to tokio
    * Convert chain sync tests from async-std to tokio
    * Ditch async-std completely
    * Make executor mandatory
    * Bump tokio to 1.22.0
    * minor: rustfmt
    * Explicitly use tokio runtime in tests
    * Move more tests to explicit tokio runtime
    * Explicitly set multithreaded runtime in tokio test
    * minor: rustfmt
    * minor: fix comment
    * Replace async-std with tokio in MMR tests
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