Hotfix for Kusama (#724)

* cli: revert borked kusama chain on startup

* Docs.

* cli: fix reversal of bork kusama fork

* cli: force always can author

* Version bump

* service: support setting fork blocks in config

* service: add support for bad blocks extension

* service: add badBlocks to kusama chainspec

* Bump Substrate to hotfix version.

* service: add bad block to kusama chain spec

* cleanup kusama hotfix

* add kusama grandpa hotfix

* Bump substrate

* Bump spec_version

* Rebump

* cli: remove unnecessary dependencies

* service: revert can_author_with fix

* service: remove unnecessary method

* Don't try to track polkadot runtime verion yet

* Versions

* service: better grandpa fix detection

Co-authored-by: André Silva <>
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