Add Bridge Header Sync to Rococo Runtime (#2983)

* Add bridges code to workspace

* Add Rococo and Wococo bridge instances to Rococo runtime

* Add Rococo and Wococo runtime APIs

* Add GenesisConfig parameters for bridge pallet

* Update Rococo spec_version used by bridge relayer

* Add scripts for running Rococo and Wococo dev nodes

* Add scripts for running Rococo<>Wococo header sync

* Apply patch for build artifact location

* Remove bridges crates from workspace

* Downgrade async related dependencies

* Change bridge pallet owner to be `root_key`

* Bump number of `MaxRequests` allowed

* Revert changes in `bridges` subtree folder

* Use correct account for Sudo

* Add comment explaining duplicate bridge pallets

* Remove WeightInfo comment.

Co-authored-by: Tomasz Drwięga <>
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