Message and Data Type Flow Visualizations (#2286)

* start graphing message flow between subsystems

This commit includes messages originating from the first three subsystems

* use standard arrowhead names

* add messages from bitfield distribution && use circo layout

* finish adding all subsystem message traffic to graph

* reduce line spam

* start work on graphing v1 types

* finish graphing candidate-related structs

* show hash relations, format

* show provenance of ValidityAttestation

* add the rest of the v1 polkadot primitives

* add type diagram from polkadot::parachain::primitives

* start work digramming the path to backing

* diagram message flow from collation generation -> candidate selection

* document flow through CandidateBacking, CandidateValidation

* graph data flow through StatementDistribution

* trace data flow through PoVDistribution to Backing

* finish documenting node side subsystem data flow
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