Implementer's Guide: Flesh out more details for upward messages (#1556)

* Take 2 at the upward messages

* Trying to restore stuff from unsuccesful rebase

* Fix whitespace

* Clean up

* Change rustdoc to comment

* Pivot to a less stricter, w.r.t. to acceptance, model

* Rename `max_upward_message_num_per_candidate`

* Update docs for DownwardMessage

* Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Robert Habermeier <>

* Rephrase "Dispatchable objects ready to ..."

* Finish the sentence

* Add a note about imprecision of the current weight formula

* Elaborate on potential use-cases for the upward message kinds.

* s/later/below

Co-authored-by: Robert Habermeier <>
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