1. 12 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Validator side of the collation protocol. (#295) · 86641179
      asynchronous rob authored
      * skeleton of collators object
      * awaiting and handling collations. rename `collators` to CollationPool
      * add some tests
      * add tests
      * implement Collators trait for ConsensusNetwork
      * plug collators into main polkadot-network
      * ignore collator role message
      * add a couple more tests
      * garbage collection for collations
      * ensure disconnected backup collator is removed from pool
      * address other grumbles
  2. 09 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  3. 06 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      Collator node workflow (#280) · bedde457
      asynchronous rob authored
      * arbitrary application logic in CLI
      * collation work
      * split up exit and work futures in application
      * collation node workflow
      * typo
      * indentation fix
      * doc grumbles
      * rename Application to Worker
      * refactor Worker::exit to exit_only
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      Minimal parachains part 2: Parachain statement and data routing (#173) · 6d8720ac
      asynchronous rob authored
      * dynamic inclusion threshold calculator
      * collators interface
      * collation helpers
      * initial proposal-creation future
      * create proposer when asked to propose
      * remove local_availability duty
      * statement table tracks includable parachain count
      * beginnings of timing future
      * finish proposal logic
      * remove stray println
      * extract shared table to separate module
      * change ordering
      * includability tracking
      * fix doc
      * initial changes to parachains module
      * initialise dummy block before API calls
      * give polkadot control over round proposer based on random seed
      * propose only after enough candidates
      * flesh out parachains module a bit more
      * set_heads
      * actually introduce set_heads to runtime
      * update block_builder to accept parachains
      * split block validity errors from real errors in evaluation
      * update WASM runtimes
      * polkadot-api methods for parachains additions
      * delay evaluation until candidates are ready
      * comments
      * fix dynamic inclusion with zero initial
      * test for includability tracker
      * wasm validation of parachain candidates
      * move primitives to primitives crate
      * remove runtime-std dependency from codec
      * adjust doc
      * polkadot-parachain-primitives
      * kill legacy polkadot-validator crate
      * basic-add test chain
      * test for basic_add parachain
      * move to test-chains dir
      * use wasm-build
      * new wasm directory layout
      * reorganize a bit more
      * Fix for rh-minimal-parachain (#141)
      * Remove extern "C"
      We already encountered such behavior (bug?) in pwasm-std, I believe.
      * Fix `panic_fmt` signature by adding `_col`
      Wrong `panic_fmt` signature can inhibit some optimizations in LTO mode.
      * Add linker flags and use wasm-gc in build script
      Pass --import-memory to LLD to emit wasm binary with imported memory.
      Also use wasm-gc instead of wasm-build.
      * Fix effective_max.
      I'm not sure why it was the way it was actually.
      * Recompile wasm.
      * Fix indent
      * more basic_add tests
      * validate parachain WASM
      * produce statements on receiving statements
      * tests for reactive statement production
      * fix build
      * add OOM lang item to runtime-io
      * use dynamic_inclusion when evaluating as well
      * fix update_includable_count
      * remove dead code
      * grumbles
      * actually defer round_proposer logic
      * update wasm
      * address a few more grumbles
      * schedule collation work as soon as BFT is started
      * impl future in collator
      * fix comment
      * governance proposals for adding and removing parachains
      * bump protocol version
      * tear out polkadot-specific pieces of substrate-network
      * extract out polkadot-specific stuff from substrate-network
      * begin polkadot network subsystem
      * grumbles
      * update WASM checkins
      * parse status from polkadot peer
      * allow invoke of network specialization
      * begin statement router implementation
      * remove dependency on tokio-timer
      * fix sanity check and have proposer factory create communication streams
      * pull out statement routing from consensus library
      * fix comments
      * adjust typedefs
      * extract consensus_gossip out of main network protocol handler
      * port substrate-bft to new tokio
      * port polkadot-consensus to new tokio
      * fix typo
      * start message processing task
      * initial consensus network implementation
      * remove known tracking from statement-table crate
      * extract router into separate module
      * defer statements until later
      * double signature is invalid
      * propagating statements
      * grumbles
      * request block data
      * fix compilation
      * embed new consensus network into service
      * port demo CLI to tokio
      * all test crates compile
      * some tests for fetching block data
      * whitespace
      * adjusting some tokio stuff
      * update exit-future
      * remove overly noisy warning
      * clean up collation work a bit
      * address review grumbles
      * fix lock order in protocol handler
      * rebuild wasm artifacts
      * tag AuthorityId::from_slice for std only
      * address formatting grumbles
      * rename event_loop to executor
      * some more docs for polkadot-network crate