1. 02 Feb, 2021 5 commits
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      Log unknown collator (#2367) · 71f65169
      Sergey Pepyakin authored
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      Conpanion for Substrate#7127 (#1865) · 7df71c13
      Liu-Cheng Xu authored
      * Conpanion for Substrate#7127
      * Use sp_session::OneSessionHandler
      * .
      * Fix pallet_session::OneSessionHandler
      * OneSessionHandler is in frame_support now
      * "Update Substrate"
      Co-authored-by: parity-processbot <>
    • Sergey Pepyakin's avatar
      Clean up PersistedValidationData (#2353) · aba42e4a
      Sergey Pepyakin authored
      * PVD: `block_number`->`relay_parent_number`
      * ValidationParams: `relay_chain_height`->`relay_parent_number`
      * Expose DMQ MQC hash as a well-known-key
      This way the relay storage merkle proofs will be able to obtain the DMQ
      MQC hash and we will be able to remove the it from the
      PersistedValidationData struct.
      * PersistedValidationData: Remove HRMP MQC heads
      * PersistedValidationData: Remove `dmq_mqc_head`
      * Expose the HRMP ingress channel index as a well-known-key
      This way a parachain (PVF and collator) can find all the parachains that
      have an outbound channel to the given one. That allows in turn to find
      all the inbound channels for the given para.
      Having access to that allows the parachain to get the same information
      as the hrmp_mqc_heads now provide.
      * Rename `relay_storage_root` to `relay_parent_storage_root`
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      Fixed a grammatical error (#2363) · e5bacac0
      saki-osive authored
  2. 01 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  3. 29 Jan, 2021 4 commits
  4. 28 Jan, 2021 5 commits
  5. 27 Jan, 2021 4 commits
  6. 26 Jan, 2021 8 commits
  7. 25 Jan, 2021 4 commits
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      impl approval distribution (#2160) · ab606e14
      Andronik Ordian authored
      * initial impl approval distribution
      * initial tests and fixes
      * batching seems difficult: different peers have different needs
      * bridge: fix test after merge
      * some guide updates
      * only send assignments to peers who know about the block
      * fix a test, add approvals test
      * simplify
      * do not send assignment to peers for finalized blocks
      * guide: protocol input and output
      * one more test
      * more comments, logs, initial metrics
      * fix a typo
      * one more thing: early return when reimporting a thing locally
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
      Add a `convert_payload` function to `Signed` (#2320) · a03b329a
      Bastian Köcher authored
      * Add a `convert_payload` function to `Signed`
      * Review feedback
    • Will Pankiewicz's avatar
      Remove Old Bootnodes (#2319) · 78e426ce
      Will Pankiewicz authored
      * removes old bootnodes from kusama chainspec
      * removes old bootnodes from polkadot chainspec
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
      Put parachain head hash into `CandidateDescriptor` (#2310) · d1998a75
      Bastian Köcher authored
      * Put parachain head hash into `CandidateDescriptor`
      * Update guide
      * Add some checks
  8. 22 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  9. 21 Jan, 2021 4 commits
    • Jon Häggblad's avatar
      Companion for #7339: cleaner GRANDPA RPC API (#2100) · 12cd4b28
      Jon Häggblad authored
      * service: update for substrate PR #7339
      * "Update Substrate"
      Co-authored-by: parity-processbot <>
    • Pierre Krieger's avatar
      Add support for Grandpa warp sync (#2301) · 6f95a659
      Pierre Krieger authored
      * Add support for Grandpa warp sync
      * Don't pull the warp sync crate if not full-node
    • Shawn Tabrizi's avatar
      Update Weight for Pallet Staking including Kick (#2297) · dbbb8758
      Shawn Tabrizi authored
      * Update pallet_staking.rs
      * cargo run --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=polkadot-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=pallet_staking --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --output=./runtime/polkadot/src/weights/
      * cargo run --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=kusama-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=pallet_staking --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --output=./runtime/kusama/src/weights/
      * cargo run --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=westend-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=pallet_staking --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --output=./runtime/westend/src/weights/
      Co-authored-by: default avatarParity Benchmarking Bot <admin@parity.io>
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      Compress the PoV block before sending it over the network (#2288) · 11797c73
      Bastian Köcher authored
      * Compress the PoV block before sending it over the network
      This pr changes the way we send PoV blocks over the network. We now
      compress the PoV block before it is send over the network. This should
      reduce the size significant for PoVs which contain the runtime WASM for
      * Preallocate 1KB
      * Try something..
      * Switch to zstd and some renamings
      * Make compression/decompression fail in browsers
      * Use some sane maximum value
      * Update roadmap/implementers-guide/src/types/network.md
      Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>
      * Fix and add test
      * add
      Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>
      Co-authored-by: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
  10. 20 Jan, 2021 3 commits
  11. 19 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      Glossary updates (#2291) · 85cf489e
      Sergey Pepyakin authored
      * glossary: define DMQ
      We are using DMQ quite often including in rustdoc, however, it may be
      hard to know what is that. Adding it to the glossary.
      * Clarify that DMP and HRMP are also module names
      * Define PDK
      * Define preimage