1. 05 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus's avatar
      implement custom proposer (#1320) · 69ce9ff3
      Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
      * network bridge skeleton
      * move some primitives around and add debug impls
      * protocol registration glue & abstract network interface
      * add send_msgs to subsystemctx
      * select logic
      * transform different events into actions and handle
      * implement remaining network bridge state machine
      * start test skeleton
      * make network methods asynchronous
      * extract subsystem out to subsystem crate
      * port over overseer to subsystem context trait
      * fix minimal example
      * fix overseer doc test
      * update network-bridge crate
      * write a subsystem test-helpers crate
      * write a network test helper for network-bridge
      * set up (broken) view test
      * Revamp network to be more async-friendly and not require Sync
      * fix spacing
      * fix test compilation
      * insert side-channel for actions
      * Add some more message types to AllMessages
      * introduce a test harness
      * impl ProvideInherent for InclusionInherent
      * reduce import churn; correct expect message
      * move inclusion inherent identifier into primitives
      It's not clear precisely why this is desired, but it's a pattern
      I've seen in several places, so I'm going this to be on the
      safe side. Worst case, we can revert this commit pretty easily.
      * bump kusama spec_version to placate CI
      * copy sc_basic_authorship::{ProposerFactory, Proposer}
      We have from the problem description:
      > This Proposer will require an OverseerHandle to make requests via.
      That's next on the plate.
      * use polkadot custom proposer instead of basic-authorship one
      * add some tests
      * ensure service compiles and passes tests
      * fix typo
      * fix service-new compilation
      * Subsystem test helpers send messages synchronously
      * remove smelly action inspector
      * remove superfluous let binding
      * fix warnings
      * add license header
      * empty commit; maybe github will notice the one with changes
      * Update node/network/bridge/src/lib.rs
      Co-authored-by: default avatarPeter Goodspeed-Niklaus <coriolinus@users.noreply.github.com>
      * add sanity check to only include valid inherents
      * stub: encapsulate block production mechanics instead of copying them
      The goal is to end up with something like what's in
      validation::block_production::*, which encapsulates
      basic block production mechanics. This is a better idea than
      just straight-up copying those mechanics.
      * partial implementation of propose fn
      Doesn't actually compile yet; need to bring in some other
      commits to ensure ProvisionerMessage is a thing, and also
      figure out how to get the block hash given the current
      * fix compilation
      * clear a few more compile errors
      * finish fn propose
      * broken: add timeout to proposal
      * add timeout to proposal
      * guide: provisioner is responsible for selecting parachain candidates
      * implement ProvisionerMessage::RequestInherentData & update fn propose
      * impl CreateProposer::init; clean up
      * impl std::error::Error for Error
      * document error-handling rationale
      * cause polkadot-service-new to compile correctly
      * Move potentially-blocking call from fn init -> fn propose
      This means that we can wrap the delayed call into the same
      timeout check used elsewhere.
      * document struct Proposer
      * extract provisioner data fetch
      This satisfies two requirements:
      - only applies the timeout to actually fetching the provisioner data,
        not to constructing the block after
      - simplifies the problem of injecting default data if we could not
        get the real provisioner data in time.
      Co-authored-by: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarGavin Wood <gavin@parity.io>
  2. 01 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  3. 30 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus's avatar
      impl ProvideInherent for InclusionInherent (#1318) · 7aa95b19
      Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
      * impl ProvideInherent for InclusionInherent
      * reduce import churn; correct expect message
      * move inclusion inherent identifier into primitives
      It's not clear precisely why this is desired, but it's a pattern
      I've seen in several places, so I'm going this to be on the
      safe side. Worst case, we can revert this commit pretty easily.
      * bump kusama spec_version to placate CI
      * add license header
      * empty commit; maybe github will notice the one with changes
      * add sanity check to only include valid inherents
  4. 20 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus's avatar
      signed wrapper (#1283) · 4f79b770
      Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
      * add signed wrapper, typedef SignedStatement
      * typedef SignedAvailabilityBitfield
      * implement Signed wrapper
      This is strictly an addition as of this commit; nothing is yet
      changed in existing behavior.
      * inline getters, remove review comment
      * move EncodeAs, Signed from node::primitives to primitives::parachain
      * Refactor SignedAvailabilityBitfield to use Signed
      * don't double-encode real payload
      This isn't an ideal solution, because it depends on the
      implementation details of how SCALE encodes tuples, but OTOH
      that behavior seems unlikely to change anytime soon.
      * fix build errors
      * cause the runtime to build properly with the new changes
      Not sure why cargo check didn't catch this earlier; oh well.
      * fix runtime tests and separate SignedStatement from SignedFullStatement
      * better explain why CompactStatement exists
      Co-authored-by: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
  5. 18 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      Inclusion Module (#1242) · 9d874fa5
      asynchronous rob authored
      * add availability bitfield types to primitives
      * begin inclusion module
      * use GitHub issue link for limitation
      * fix some compiler errors
      * integrate validators into initializer
      * add generic signing context
      * make signing-context more generic
      * fix issues with inclusion module
      * add TODO
      * guide: add validators and session index to inclusion
      * guide: add session index to change notification
      * implement session change logic
      * add BackedCandidate type
      * guide: refine inclusion pipeline
      * guide: rename group_on to group_validators
      * guide: add check about collator for parathread
      * guide: add last_code_upgrade to paras and use in inclusion
      * implement Paras::last_code_upgrade
      * implement most checks in process_candidates
      * make candidate receipt structs more generic
      * make BackedCandidate struct more generic
      * use hash param, not block number
      * check that candidate is in context of the parent block
      * include inclusion module in initializer
      * implement enact-candidate
      * check that only occupied cores have bits set
      * finish implementing bitfield processing
      * restructure consistency checks on candidates
      * make some more primitives generic
      * signature checking logic for backed candidates
      * finish implementing process_candidates
      * implement collect_pending
      * add some trait implementations to primitives
      * implement InclusionInherent and squash warnings
      * test bitfield signing checks
      * rename parachain head to para_head
      * fix note_new_head bug in paras
      * test bitfield enactment in inclusion
      * helpers for candidate checks
      * add test for most candidate checks
      * add test for backing setting storage
      * test session change logic
      * remove extraneous type parameter
      * remove some allow(unused)s
      * extract threshold computation to const fn
      * remove some more allow(unused)s
      * improve doc
      * add debug assertion
      * fix primitive test compilation
      * tag unanimous variant as unused
  6. 17 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  7. 16 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Extra requirements for claimants (#1091) · d8328043
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Introduce mandatory statement signing into claims
      * Introduce SignedExtension
      * Tests passing
      * Bump runtime version
      * Bump version, fix test
      * Test for validate
      * Another couple of tests
      * Enable PrevalidateAttests on Polkadot
      * Enable PrevalidateAttests on Polkadot
      * Fix build
      * Fixes
      * More fixes
      * Fix bench tests
      * Fix & test Preclaim clobbering.
      * Fix for errant claim logic
      * Add test
      * Update tests, always use Vec as input
      * mint_claim can add signature, some_benchmarks
      * Add claim with statement test
      * finish benchmarks
      * put the correct number of claims with benchmarks
      * fix compiler warning
      * Update weights
      * Weight comments for validation
      Co-authored-by: Shawn Tabrizi's avatarShawn Tabrizi <shawntabrizi@gmail.com>
  8. 06 May, 2020 1 commit
    • André Silva's avatar
      grandpa: report equivocations on all runtimes (#1000) · 872bd4fd
      André Silva authored
      * grandpa: report equivocations on all runtimes
      * runtime: fix test-runtime compilation
      * runtime: enable historical session manager on all runtimes
      * runtime: fix indentation
      * runtime: use strong key types in KeyOwnerProofSystem definitions
      * update substrate
      * bump spec_version of runtimes
  9. 16 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  10. 14 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • ddorgan's avatar
      Westend Mark II (#983) · 20cb15d0
      ddorgan authored
      * Initial draft
      * More work
      * Build
      * Docs
      * Insert westend keys
      * Add badBlock to fork from old chain
      * Updated spec to reset westend
      * Use raw spec
      * Fix spec format and use westend2 for both id's
      * Correct public key for bootnode 3
      * Build
      * Extra space
      * Fix build
      * Lock
      * Update lock
      * Fixes
      * Fix for he startup text
      * Bump
      Co-authored-by: default avatarGav Wood <gavin@parity.io>
  11. 13 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  12. 06 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      Upgradeable validation functions (#918) · ed2c4cab
      asynchronous rob authored
      * upgrade primitives to allow changing validation function
      * set up storage schema for old parachains code
      * fix compilation errors
      * fix test compilation
      * add some tests for past code meta
      * most of the runtime logic for code upgrades
      * implement old-code pruning
      * add a couple tests
      * clean up remaining TODOs
      * add a whole bunch of tests for runtime functionality
      * remove unused function
      * fix runtime compilation
      * extract some primitives to parachain crate
      * add validation-code upgrades to validation params and result
      * extend validation params with code upgrade fields
      * provide maximums to validation params
      * port test-parachains
      * add a code-upgrader test-parachain and tests
      * fix collator tests
      * move test-parachains to own folder to work around compilation errors
      * fix test compilation
      * update the Cargo.lock
      * fix parachains tests
      * remove dbg! invocation
      * use new pool in code-upgrader
      * bump lockfile
      * link TODO to issue
  13. 03 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
      Ensure that table router is always built (#952) · ec11d7e6
      Bastian Köcher authored
      * Ensure that table router is always build
      This pr ensures that the table router is always build, aka the future is
      resolved. This is important, as the table router internally spawns tasks
      to handle gossip messages. Handling gossip messages is not only required
      on parachain validators, but also on relay chain validators to receive collations.
      Tests are added to ensure that the assumptions hold.
      * Fix compilation
      * Switch to closures
      * Remove empty line
      * Revert "Remove empty line"
      This reverts commit a6c19438.
      * Revert "Switch to closures"
      This reverts commit b989c303.
      * Hybrid approach
      * Rename test
      * Make trait crate local
  14. 01 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
      Rework consensus instance communication with the network worker (#958) · 639dfd67
      Bastian Köcher authored
      Up to now consensus instances used the main channel to communicate with
      the background network worker. This lead to a race condition when
      sending a local collation and dropping the router before driving the
      send local collation future until it is finished. This pr changes the
      communication between worker and the instances to use their own
      channels. This has the advantage that we don't need an extra
      `DropConsensusNetworking` message as the network is dropped
      automatically when the last sender is dropped.
  15. 30 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  16. 25 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  17. 22 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Fedor Sakharov's avatar
      Parachains double vote handler initial implementation. (#840) · b3611713
      Fedor Sakharov authored
      * Parachains double vote handler initial implementation.
      * Make tests test the actual slashing.
      * Implement SignedExtension validation of double vote reports.
      * Fixes build after merge
      * Review fixes
      * Adds historical session proofs
      * Review fixes.
      * Bump runtime spec_version
      * Get the session number from the proof
      * Check that proof matches session
      * Change signature type on DoubleVoteReport
      * Adds docs and removes blank lines
      * Removes leftover code
      * Fix build
      * Fix build after a merge
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Prune ParentToSessionIndex
      * Remove a clone and a warning
      Co-authored-by: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarGavin Wood <gavin@parity.io>
  18. 13 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Shawn Tabrizi's avatar
      Benchmark Polkadot Claims Pallet (#876) · 2f44ce41
      Shawn Tabrizi authored
      * fix
      * Starting to add benchmarks
      * make compile
      * add benchmarks
      * Make work with Substrate master
      * Bench validate unsigned
      * back to polkadot master
      * starting to add cli with feature flag
      * more stuff
      * Add to kusama
      * Update Cargo.lock
      * fix dev dep
      * bump wasm builder
      * Remove encode from keccak benchmark
      * bump spec
      * Add weight documentation
      * Update Cargo.lock
      * Update check_runtime.sh
      * Update publish_draft_release.sh
      * Update Cargo.lock
      Co-authored-by: thiolliere's avatarthiolliere <gui.thiolliere@gmail.com>
  19. 06 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  20. 25 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      A more comprehensive model for PoV-Blocks and Candidate receipts (#843) · b94febb1
      asynchronous rob authored
      * encode the candidate statement as only the hash
      * refactor CandidateReceipt and CollationInfo
      * introduce an abridged candidate receipt type
      * erasure coding stores candidate receipt
      * store omitted data instead and introduce AvailableData type
      * refactor availability-store schema
      * tweak schema and APIs a bit more
      * get availability-store tests passing
      * accept AbridgedCandidateReceipt in `set_heads`
      * change statement type in primitives to be hash-only
      * fix parachains runtime tests
      * fix bad merge
      * rewrite validation pipeline
      * remove evaluation module
      * use abridged candidate hash as canonical
      * statement table uses abridged candidate receipts
      * kill availability_store::Data struct
      * port shared table to new validation pipelines
      * extract full validation pipeline to helper
      * remove old validation pipeline from collation module
      * polkadot-validation compiles
      * polkadot-validation tests compile
      * make local collation available in validation service
      * port legacy network code
      * polkadot-network fully ported
      * network: ensure fresh statement is propagated
      * remove pov_block_hash from LocalValidationData
      * remove candidate_hash field from AttestedCandidate and update runtime
      * port runtimes to new ParachainHost definition
      * port over polkadot-collator
      * fix test compilation
      * better fix
      * remove unrelated validation work dispatch fix
      * address grumbles
      * fix equality check
  21. 19 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  22. 13 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • Ashley's avatar
      Strip out old XCMP primitives (#823) · d9b4fc45
      Ashley authored
      * WIP
      * WIp
      * Mostly get tests to compile
      * Fix adder collator
      * Remove more stuff
      * Revert some changes to av store
      * Fix av store tests
      * Nitpicks
      * Restore some things
      * Small changes
      * Remvoe unused error variants
  23. 10 Feb, 2020 2 commits
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
      Be specific about the `BitVec` generic arguments (#830) · 80d7e03c
      Bastian Köcher authored
      * Be specific about the `BitVec` generic arguments
      Currently we use the default generic arguments for `BitVec`. This means
      we use `BigEndian` and `u8`. These default values are not stable, with
      `0.17` of the `BitVec` crate this changes. To make sure we don't break
      anything in the future, make sure we explictly set the generics.
      * Update `spec_version`
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      Include parent head in `CandidateReceipt` (#826) · 52a5c8f7
      asynchronous rob authored
      * runtime: candidate receipt must pass parent head
      * construct parachain candidates using correct parent_head
      * validate that the parent header is correct in candidate receipt
      * fix test fallout
      * bump runtime versions
  24. 08 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  25. 05 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  26. 03 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  27. 04 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  28. 03 Dec, 2019 1 commit
    • Fedor Sakharov's avatar
      Erasure encoding availability (#345) · e5138efc
      Fedor Sakharov authored and asynchronous rob's avatar asynchronous rob committed
      * Erasure encoding availability initial commit
       * Modifications to availability store to keep chunks as well as
         reconstructed blocks and extrinsics.
       * Gossip messages containig signed erasure chunks.
       * Requesting eraure chunks with polkadot-specific messages.
       * Validation of erasure chunk messages.
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarLuke Schoen <ltfschoen@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Fix build after a merge
      * Gossip erasure chunk messages under their own topic
      * erasure_chunks should use the appropriate topic
      * Updates Cargo.lock
      * Fixes after merge
      * Removes a couple of leftover pieces of code
      * Fixes simple stuff from review
      * Updates erasure and storage for more flexible logic
      * Changes validation and candidate receipt production.
      * Adds add_erasure_chunks method
      * Fixes most of the nits
      * Better validate_collation and validate_receipt functions
      * Fixes the tests
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Removes unwrap() calls
      * Removes ErasureChunks primitive
      * Removes redundant fields from ErasureChunk struct
      * AvailabilityStore should store CandidateReceipt
      * Changes the way chunk messages are imported and validated.
       * Availability store now stores a validator_index and n_validators for
       each relay_parent.
       * Availability store now also stores candidate receipts.
       * Removes importing chunks in the table and moves it into network
       gossip validation.
       * Validation of erasure messages id done against receipts that are
       stored in the availability store.
      * Correctly compute topics for erasure messages
      * Removes an unused parameter
      * Refactors availability db querying into a helper
      * Adds the apis described in the writeup
      * Adds a runtime api to extract erasure roots form raw extrinsics.
      * Adds a barebone BlockImport impl for avalability store
      * Adds the implementation of the availability worker
      * Fix build after the merge with master.
      * Make availability store API async
      * Bring back the default wasmtime feature
      * Lines width
      * Bump runtime version
      * Formatting and dead code elimination
      * some style nits (#1)
      * More nits and api cleanup
      * Disable wasm CI for availability-store
      * Another nit
      * Formatting
  29. 02 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  30. 12 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Master backports (#571) · f2d72cd4
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Update to latest Substrate master (#570)
      * Bump substrate/version (#557)
      * Bump version and Substrate (#560)
      * Bump version and Substrate
      * Bump version and Substrate
      * Bump versions
      * bump substrate to release specific v0.6.15
      * Update lock
      * Prepare Polkadot update for Substrate runtime interface 2.0 (#563)
      * Prepare Polkadot update for Substrate runtime interface 2.0
      * bump substrate to release specific v0.6.15
      * Switch to `polkadot-master`
      * Version bump
      * Master backports
      * Bump runtime
      * Fix tests
      * Fix tests
      * Another fix.
  31. 24 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Switch elections to Phragmen, enable them in PoA (#492) · 58629dc0
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Switch elections to Phragmen, enable them in PoA
      * Remove superfluous code.
      * Build fixes
      * Update to substrate master
      * Build fixes
      * Add warning
      * Disable authority discovery for now
      * Remove commented code
      * Fix warning
  32. 23 Oct, 2019 1 commit
  33. 11 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Introduce Parathreads (runtime) (#341) · 2213e91d
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Rest of parathread draft implementation, parachain permissioning.
      * Update Substrate
      * Update Substrate again
      * Integrate weight/fee stuff.
      * Council
      * Build fixes
      * More fixes
      * Minor additions
      * fix some small errors
      * Revert "fix some small errors"
      This reverts commit 4fb52c82
      * Merge fix.
      * do_swap -> on_swap
      * Update depdendency to polkadot-master
      * Fix more merge problems
      * Some patching of errors
      * Fix storage closure
      * Actually fix storage. It builds!
      * Tests run... but not successfully.
      * Add `run_to_block` to get parachains active to start
      * More `run_to_block`
      * Fix build
      * Queue up changes to threads
      * Move registration test
      * Fix regsiter/deregister test
      * Retry queue.
      * Minor refactor
      * Refactor to avoid heavy storage items
      * Make tests pass
      * remove para on deregister, add events
      * Remove println
      * Fix register/deregister parathread test
      * fix merge
      * Parathread can be activated test
      * Test auction
      * Add `Debtors` storage item
      I considered putting the debtor information in `ParaInfo`, but it did not make sense to me since this information only applies to parathreads, not `paras` in general.
      * remove comment code
      * Some new tests
      * Fixes for removing threads when scheduled. Tests.
      * Test progression of threads.
      * Test that reschedule queuing works properly.
      * Make test slightly more interesting
      * whitespace
      * Swap works properly.
      * Update locks
      * Build
      * Rename can_swap
      * Add test for funds to be correctly returned after a swap
      Swap does not seem to have logic which correctly swaps the debtor account to the new parathread.
      * Make tests consistant
      * Add check that `PendingSwap` is cleaned up
      * Update runtime/src/parachains.rs
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Update runtime/src/registrar.rs
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Some fixes/suggestions from review
      * Docs
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      Co-Authored-By: Shawn Tabrizi's avatarShawn Tabrizi <shawntabrizi@gmail.com>
      * Update network/src/gossip.rs
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Rename OnSwap
      * Add missing `]`
      * Rejig ordering semantics, making everything a bit slower but correct.
      * Some Fixes to Parathread Compile (#470)
      * Some Fixes
      * Fix queue_upward_messages
      * Change back to const
      * Build fixes
      * Fix tests
  34. 11 Sep, 2019 1 commit
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Substrate.from() (#426) · c69ba7e2
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Substrate.from()
      * Fix some transaction validation code
      * must be more specific for matching now.
      * Update `wasm-builder` and add `build-only-wasm` script
      * Update to latest service builder interfaces
      * ANother substrate update
      * Another update
  35. 29 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      ICMP message-routing gossip (#304) · 03cfa5e9
      asynchronous rob authored
      * core logic for ICMP gossip
      * refactor gossip to make more extension friendly
      * move files aroun
      * extract attestation-gossip logic to its own module
      * message validation and broadcast logic
      * fix upstream crates' compilation
      * add a test
      * another test for overlapping
      * Some grammar and phrasing tweaks
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarLuke Schoen <ltfschoen@users.noreply.github.com>
      * add since parameter to ingress runtime API
      * broadcast out known unrouted message queues
      * fix compilation of service and collator
      * remove useless index_mapping
      * some tests for icmp propagation
      * fix decoding bug and test icmp queue validation
      * simplify engine-id definition
      Co-Authored-By: Sergey Pepyakin's avatarSergei Pepyakin <sergei@parity.io>
      * address some grumbles
      * some cleanup of old circulation code
      * give network a handle to extrinsic store on startup
      * an honest collator ensures data available as well
      * address some grumbles
      * add docs; rename the attestation session to "leaf work"
      * module docs
      * move gossip back to gossip.rs
      * clean up and document attestation-gossip a bit
      * some more docs on the availability store
      * store all outgoing message queues in the availability store
      * filter `Extrinsic` out of validation crate
      * expunge Extrinsic from network
      * expunge Extrinsic from erasure-coding
      * expunge Extrinsic from collator
      * expunge from adder-collator
      * rename ExtrinsicStore to AvailabilityStore everywhere
      * annotate and clean up message-routing tests
  36. 12 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Kian Paimani's avatar
      Update to latest Substrate master. (#353) · af0d87af
      Kian Paimani authored
      * Integrate srml/im-online
      * Fix all build errors with old aura.
      * Fix most of the build errors.
      * Builds and tests seem to pass (I will not trust this commit yet)
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
      * Kill some warnings.
      * fix panics on 0 validators
      * Fix dev chain.
      * Fix author stuff
      * fix im online integration.
      * Some tweaks
      * Introduce app-crypto
      * Initial build work
      * codec update / tweaks
      * patch polkadot-erasure-coding input
      * More fixes for new crypto
      * More fixes
      * Update parachains module
      * evamp parachain crypto
      * More crypto work.
      * Chain spec and service.
      * ChainSpec stuff
      * Last bits for a clean build
      * Tweak coment
      * adapt polkadot-validation to the new keystore
      * polkadot-network compiles, but tests don't
      * Integrate the new parachain validation stuff
      * delete message_routing file
      * make polkadot-network tests compile and pass
      * runtime tests compile and pass
      * update substrate ref
      * service compiles
      * all tests pass
      * Add TODO, change branch back to polkadot-master
      * Lock file
      * TODOs done
      * Issue number
      * Remove old tODO
      * Remove commented code
  37. 06 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      Track received attestations from recent blocks (#337) · b742b11d
      asynchronous rob authored
      * record attestations in storage ringbuffer
      * remove some reliance on Aura
      * fix up test configuration
      * extract attestations stuff out to its own module
      * add dummy inherent
      * use double_map
      * fix a couple more compilation errors
  38. 05 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Stanislav Tkach's avatar
      Pass indices in serialized form (#318) · d297bbac
      Stanislav Tkach authored
      * Pass indices in serialized form
      * Fix indentation and remove panic
      * Fix tests and other code
      * Remove unique voters tracking
      * Restore validator group check
      * Fix lock file
      * Add test
      * Add attestation sorting
      * Add validation to the check_candidate function
      * Update codec version one more time
      * Remove patch versions
  39. 26 Jul, 2019 1 commit