1. 04 Aug, 2020 5 commits
  2. 03 Aug, 2020 6 commits
  3. 02 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  4. 31 Jul, 2020 6 commits
    • Fedor Sakharov's avatar
      Parachains-runtime (#1505) · eca01a8c
      Fedor Sakharov authored
      * Initial commit
      * v0 to v1 primitives and remove attestations
      * Review fixes
      * implement candidate_events
      * remove dead code
    • Andronik Ordian's avatar
      Chain API subsystem (#1498) · d4022633
      Andronik Ordian authored
      * chain-api subsystem skeleton
      * chain-api subsystem: draft impl
      * chain-api subsystem: mock testclient
      * chain-api subsystem: impl HeaderBacked for TestClient
      * chain-api subsystem: impl basic tests
      * chain-api subsystem: tiny guide
      * chain-api subsystem: rename ChainApiRequestMessage to ChainApiMessage
      * chain-api subsystem: add the page to the ToC
      * chain-api subsystem: proper error type
      * chain-api subsystem: impl ancestors request
      * chain-api subsystem: tests for ancestors request
      * guide: fix ancestor return type
      * runtime-api subsystem: remove unused dep
      * fix fmt
      * fix outdated comment
      * chain-api subsystem: s/format/to_string
      * lower-case subsystem names
      * chain-api subsystem: resolve Finalized todo
      * chain-api subsystem: remove TODO
      * extract request errors into a module
      * remove caching TODO
      * fix imports
    • Bastian Köcher's avatar
    • asynchronous rob's avatar
      guide: collator networking & subsystems (#1452) · 0bcb6f9d
      asynchronous rob authored
      * Do a small write-up on collation-generation
      * preamble to collator protocol
      * notes on protocol
      * collation-generation: point to collator protocol
      * fix missing bracket
      * expand on collator protocol wire protocol
      * add a couple more sentences
      * expand on requests some more
      * go higher level
      * network bridge: note peerset
      * note peer-set = validation for protocols
      * add `ConnectToValidators` message
      * use ConnectToValidators in collator protocol
      * typo
      * remove references to sentry nodes
    • Andronik Ordian's avatar
      Guide: add a diagram for Inclusion Pipeline & Approval Subsystem (#1457) · caaed9a1
      Andronik Ordian authored
      * guide: optimize diagrams for readability
      * guide: inclusion subsystem diagram
      * guide: rename Approval Subsystem for clarity
      * guide: correct the approval subsystem
      * guide: clarify that validator are selected from the same set
      * guide: simplify secondary checkers labels
    • s3krit's avatar
      [CI] Build wasm blob with srtool and include prop hashes and blobs in release notes (#1506) · 75acb330
      s3krit authored
      * initial build-wasms commit
      * fix wasm builds
      * add caching and artifact upload
      * test for git dir
      * Revert "test for git dir"
      This reverts commit 295e4655.
      * fix git version incompability
      * attempt to fix caching
      * Revert "fix git version incompability"
      This reverts commit 1d22ffd2.
      * add kusama job
      * use a build matrix for building runtimes
      * combine build-wasms and publish draft release
      * attempt to name runtimes according to version
      * Revert "attempt to name runtimes according to version"
      This reverts commit 82f7b4dc.
      Failed experiment
      * name runtimes according to version #2
      * fix asset path and name
      * build wasms first, include prop hash
  5. 30 Jul, 2020 8 commits
  6. 29 Jul, 2020 3 commits
    • Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus's avatar
      Fix bitfield signing (#1466) · cdd93949
      Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
      * Apply suggestions from #1364 code review
      - use CoreState, not CoreOccupied
      - query for availability chunks, not the whole PoV
      - create a stub `fn availability_cores`
      * link to issue documenting unimplemented
      * implement get_availability_cores by adding a new runtime api request
      * back out an unrelated change properly part of #1404
      * av-store: handle QueryChunkAvailability
      * simplify QueryDataAvailability
      * remove extraneous whitespace
      * compact primitive imports
    • Gavin Wood's avatar
      Update Substrate, bump versions, clean up sort (#1496) · 9e5446aa
      Gavin Wood authored
      * Sort cleanups
      * Bump versions
    • Gav Wood's avatar
      Bump Substrate · e3441cfd
      Gav Wood authored
  7. 28 Jul, 2020 7 commits
  8. 27 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Fedor Sakharov's avatar
      Availability store subsystem guide (#1424) · 677b28bc
      Fedor Sakharov authored
      * Improve AVStore and Scheduler docs
      * Update roadmap/implementers-guide/src/node/utility/availability-store.md
      Co-authored-by: default avatarPeter Goodspeed-Niklaus <coriolinus@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Bug in linking to README.md
      * Update against new runtime apis
      Co-authored-by: default avatarPeter Goodspeed-Niklaus <coriolinus@users.noreply.github.com>
    • Fedor Sakharov's avatar
      Availability store subsystem (#1404) · b838b386
      Fedor Sakharov authored
      * Initial commit
      * WIP
      * Make atomic transactions
      * Remove pruning code
      * Fix build and add a Nop to bridge
      * Fixes from review
      * Move config struct around for clarity
      * Rename constructor and warn on missing docs
      * Fix a test and rename a message
      * Fix some more reviews
      * Obviously failed to rebase cleanly
    • joe petrowski's avatar
      update comments (#1445) · 0ea96d1c
      joe petrowski authored
    • Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus's avatar
      add ActiveLeavesUpdate, remove StartWork, StopWork (#1458) · 12a02556
      Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus authored
      * add ActiveLeavesUpdate, remove StartWork, StopWork
      * replace StartWork, StopWork in subsystem crate tests
      * mechanically update OverseerSignal in other modules
      * convert overseer to take advantage of new multi-hash update abilities
      Note: this does not yet convert the tests; some of the tests now freeze:
      test tests::overseer_start_stop_works ... test tests::overseer_start_stop_works has been running for over 60 seconds
      test tests::overseer_finalize_works ... test tests::overseer_finalize_works has been running for over 60 seconds
      * fix broken overseer tests
      * manually impl PartialEq for ActiveLeavesUpdate, rm trait Equivalent
      This cleans up the code a bit and makes it easier in the future to
      do the right thing when comparing ALUs.
      * use target in all network bridge logging
      * reduce spamming of  and