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Limit the maximum size of a downward message (#1690)

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......@@ -260,6 +260,7 @@ any of dispatchables return an error.
Utility routines.
`queue_downward_message(P: ParaId, M: DownwardMessage)`:
1. Check if the serialized size of `M` exceeds the `config.critical_downward_message_size`. If so, return an error.
1. Wrap `M` into `InboundDownwardMessage` using the current block number for `sent_at`.
1. Obtain a new MQC link for the resulting `InboundDownwardMessage` and replace `DownwardMessageQueueHeads` for `P` with the resulting hash.
1. Add the resulting `InboundDownwardMessage` into `DownwardMessageQueues` for `P`.
......@@ -108,10 +108,12 @@ struct InboundHrmpMessage {
## Downward Message
`DownwardMessage`- is a message that goes down from the relay chain to a parachain. Such a message
`DownwardMessage` - is a message that goes down from the relay chain to a parachain. Such a message
could be seen as a notification, however, it is conceivable that they might be used by the relay
chain to send a request to the parachain (likely, through the `ParachainSpecific` variant).
The serialized size of the message is limited by the `config.critical_downward_message_size` parameter.
enum DownwardMessage {
/// Some funds were transferred into the parachain's account. The hash is the identifier that
......@@ -56,6 +56,13 @@ struct HostConfiguration {
pub dispatchable_upward_message_critical_weight: u32,
/// The maximum number of messages that a candidate can contain.
pub max_upward_message_num_per_candidate: u32,
/// The maximum size of a message that can be put in a downward message queue.
/// Since we require receiving at least one DMP message the obvious upper bound of the size is
/// the PoV size. Of course, there is a lot of other different things that a parachain may
/// decide to do with its PoV so this value in practice will be picked as a fraction of the PoV
/// size.
pub critical_downward_message_size: u32,
/// Number of sessions after which an HRMP open channel request expires.
pub hrmp_open_request_ttl: u32,
/// The deposit that the sender should provide for opening an HRMP channel.
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