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Fix an off-by-one: revert rather than revert-to (#3991)

* fix off-by-one in disputes reversion code

* bump Rococo spec version
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......@@ -109,4 +109,5 @@ Frozen: Option<BlockNumber>,
* `revert_and_freeze(BlockNumber)`:
1. If `is_frozen()` return.
1. Set `Frozen` to `Some(BlockNumber)` to indicate a rollback to the given block number is necessary.
1. Set `Frozen` to `Some(BlockNumber)` to indicate a rollback to the block number.
1. Issue a `Revert(BlockNumber + 1)` log to indicate a rollback of the block's child in the header chain, which is the same as a rollback to the block number.
......@@ -304,8 +304,8 @@ pub mod pallet {
/// A dispute has concluded with supermajority against a candidate.
/// Block authors should no longer build on top of this head and should
/// instead revert to the block at the given height which is the last
/// known valid block in this chain.
/// instead revert the block at the given height. This should be the
/// number of the child of the last known valid block in the chain.
......@@ -1127,9 +1127,14 @@ impl<T: Config> Pallet<T> {
pub(crate) fn revert_and_freeze(revert_to: T::BlockNumber) {
if Self::last_valid_block().map_or(true, |last| last > revert_to) {
// The `Revert` log is about reverting a block, not reverting to a block.
// If we want to revert to block X in the current chain, we need to revert
// block X+1.
let revert = revert_to + One::one();
......@@ -2284,8 +2289,8 @@ mod tests {
assert_eq!(Frozen::<Test>::get(), Some(0));
assert_eq!(System::digest().logs[0], ConsensusLog::Revert(0).into());
assert_eq!(System::digest().logs[0], ConsensusLog::Revert(1).into());
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ pub const VERSION: RuntimeVersion = RuntimeVersion {
spec_name: create_runtime_str!("rococo"),
impl_name: create_runtime_str!("parity-rococo-v1.8"),
authoring_version: 0,
spec_version: 9103,
spec_version: 9104,
impl_version: 0,
#[cfg(not(feature = "disable-runtime-api"))]
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