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# Release Checklist
The following checks should be completed before publishing a new release of the
Polkadot/Kusama/Westend runtime or client.
### Runtime Releases
The following should be done *prior* to tagging the potential release. Upon
completion, tag the commit and proceed with the [All Releases](#all-releases) steps.
- [ ] List any [native runtime](#native-runtimes) versions associated with the release.
- [ ] Has incremented [`spec_version`](#spec-version) for any native runtimes from any existing use on public (non-private/test) networks.
- [ ] Verify [new migrations](#new-migrations) complete successfully, and the runtime state is
correctly updated.
- [ ] Verify previously [completed migrations](#old-migrations-removed) are removed.
- [ ] Verify pallet and [extrinsic ordering](#extrinsic-ordering) has stayed the same. Bump
`transaction_version` if not.
- [ ] Verify new extrinsics have been correctly whitelisted/blacklisted for
[proxy filters](#proxy-filtering).
- [ ] Verify [benchmarks](#benchmarks) have been updated for any modified runtime logic.
- [ ] Verify [Polkadot JS API](#polkadot-js) are up to date with the latest runtime changes.
### All Releases
- [ ] Check that the new client versions have [run on the network](#burn-in) without issue for 12
- [ ] Check that a draft release has been created at https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/releases with relevant [release notes](#release-notes)
- [ ] Check that [build artifacts](#build-artifacts) have been added to the draft-release
## Notes
### Burn In
Ensure that Parity DevOps has run the new release on Westend, Kusama, and Polkadot validators for
at least 12 hours prior to publishing the release.
### Build Artifacts
Add any necessary assets to the release. They should include:
- Linux binary
- GPG signature of the Linux binary
- SHA256 of binary
- Source code
- Wasm binaries of any runtimes
### Release notes
The release notes should list:
- The priority of the release (i.e., how quickly users should upgrade)
- Which native runtimes and their versions are included
- The proposal hashes of the runtimes as built with [srtool](https://gitlab.com/chevdor/srtool)
The release notes may also list:
- Free text at the beginning of the notes mentioning anything important regarding this release
- Notable changes (those labelled with B[1-9]-* labels) separated into sections
### Spec Version
A runtime upgrade must bump the spec number. This may follow a pattern with the client release
(e.g. runtime v12 corresponds to v0.8.12, even if the current runtime is not v11).
### New Migrations
Ensure that any migrations that are required due to storage or logic changes are included in the
`on_runtime_upgrade` function of the appropriate pallets.
### Old Migrations Removed
Any previous `on_runtime_upgrade` functions from old upgrades must be removed to prevent them from
executing a second time.
### Extrinsic Ordering
Offline signing libraries depend on a consistent ordering of call indices and functions. Compare
the metadata of the current and new runtimes and ensure that the `module index, call index` tuples
map to the same set of functions. In case of a breaking change, increase `transaction_version`.
Note: Adding new functions to the runtime does not constitute a breaking change as long as they are
added to the end of a pallet (i.e., does not break any other call index).
### Proxy Filtering
The runtime contains proxy filters that map proxy types to allowable calls. If the new runtime
contains any new calls, verify that the proxy filters are up to date to include them.
### Benchmarks
Run the benchmarking suite with the new runtime and update any function weights if necessary.
### Polkadot JS
Ensure that a release of [Polkadot JS API]() contains any new types or interfaces necessary to
interact with the new runtime.
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