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......@@ -39,10 +39,10 @@ async fn start_inner(chain_spec: String, log_level: String) -> Result<Client, Bo
let config = browser_configuration(chain_spec).await?;
info!("Polkadot browser node");
info!(" version {}", config.full_version());
info!(" version {}", config.impl_version);
info!(" by Parity Technologies, 2017-2020");
info!("📋 Chain specification: {}", config.expect_chain_spec().name());
info!("🏷 Node name: {}",;
info!("📋 Chain specification: {}",;
info!("🏷 Node name: {}",;
info!("👤 Roles: {}", config.roles);
// Create the service. This is the most heavy initialization step.
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