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Increase PoV timeout slightly. (#3144)

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......@@ -86,10 +86,10 @@ const DEFAULT_REQUEST_TIMEOUT: Duration = Duration::from_secs(3);
/// peer set as well).
const DEFAULT_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_CONNECTED: Duration = Duration::from_secs(1);
/// Timeout for PoV like data, 2 times what it should take, assuming we can fully utilize the
/// bandwidth. This amounts to two seconds right now.
Duration::from_millis(2 * 1000 * (MAX_POV_SIZE as u64) / MIN_BANDWIDTH_BYTES);
/// This timeout is based on what seems sensible from a time budget perspective, considering 6
/// second block time. This is going to be tough, if we have multiple forks and large PoVs, but we
/// only have so much time.
const POV_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_CONNECTED: Duration = Duration::from_millis(1000);
/// We want timeout statement requests fast, so we don't waste time on slow nodes. Responders will
/// try their best to either serve within that timeout or return an error immediately. (We need to
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