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......@@ -156,23 +156,23 @@ polkadot --chain=local --validator --key Bob -d /tmp/bob --port 30334 --bootnode
Ensure you replace `ALICE_BOOTNODE_ID_HERE` with the node ID from the output of the first terminal.
=== Using Docker
link:_includes/doc/docker.adoc[Using Docker]
link:doc/docker.adoc[Using Docker]
=== Shell Completion
link:_includes/doc/shell-completion.adoc[Shell Completion]
link:doc/shell-completion.adoc[Shell Completion]
=== Polkadot Networks
link:_includes/doc/networks/networks.adoc[Polkadot Networks]
link:doc/networks/networks.adoc[Polkadot Networks]
== Contributing
=== Contributing Guidelines
link:_includes/CONTRIBUTING.adoc[Contribution Guidelines]
link:CONTRIBUTING.adoc[Contribution Guidelines]
=== Contributor Code of Conduct
link:_includes/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.adoc[Code of Conduct]
link:CODE_OF_CONDUCT.adoc[Code of Conduct]
== License
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