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Improve jaeger spans for bitfield signing (#2189)

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......@@ -69,16 +69,16 @@ pub enum Error {
/// If there is a candidate pending availability, query the Availability Store
/// for whether we have the availability chunk for our validator index.
#[tracing::instrument(level = "trace", skip(sender), fields(subsystem = LOG_TARGET))]
#[tracing::instrument(level = "trace", skip(sender, span), fields(subsystem = LOG_TARGET))]
async fn get_core_availability(
relay_parent: Hash,
core: CoreState,
validator_idx: ValidatorIndex,
sender: &Mutex<&mut mpsc::Sender<FromJobCommand>>,
span: &jaeger::JaegerSpan,
) -> Result<bool, Error> {
let span = jaeger::hash_span(&relay_parent, "core-availability");
if let CoreState::Occupied(core) = core {
let _span = span.child("query chunk");
let _span = span.child("query chunk availability");
let (tx, rx) = oneshot::channel();
......@@ -103,10 +103,10 @@ async fn get_core_availability(
"Candidate availability",
return res;
} else {
/// delegates to the v1 runtime API
......@@ -152,7 +152,8 @@ async fn construct_availability_bitfield(
// Handle all cores concurrently
// `try_join_all` returns all results in the same order as the input futures.
let results = future::try_join_all(
availability_cores.into_iter().map(|core| get_core_availability(relay_parent, core, validator_idx, &sender)),
.map(|core| get_core_availability(relay_parent, core, validator_idx, &sender, span)),
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