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Make sure that Parachain heads are updated (#945)

Updating the heads was accidentally removed in some other pr.
parent d4f0a74b
Pipeline #85856 canceled with stages
......@@ -640,6 +640,7 @@ impl<T: Trait> Module<T> {
for head in heads.iter() {
let id = head.parachain_index();
Heads::insert(id, &head.candidate.head_data.0);
// Queue up upwards messages (from parachains to relay chain).
......@@ -1579,10 +1580,13 @@ mod tests {
// creates a template candidate which pins to correct relay-chain state.
fn raw_candidate(para_id: ParaId) -> CandidateReceipt {
let mut head_data = Parachains::parachain_head(&para_id).unwrap();
CandidateReceipt {
parachain_index: para_id,
relay_parent: System::parent_hash(),
head_data: Default::default(),
head_data: HeadData(head_data),
collator: Default::default(),
signature: Default::default(),
pov_block_hash: Default::default(),
......@@ -2131,6 +2135,9 @@ mod tests {
set_heads(vec![candidate_a.clone(), candidate_b.clone()]),
assert_eq!(Heads::get(&ParaId::from(0)).map(HeadData), Some(candidate_a.candidate.head_data));
assert_eq!(Heads::get(&ParaId::from(1)).map(HeadData), Some(candidate_b.candidate.head_data));
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