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Add test suite and minor refinements to the utility subsystem (#1403)

* get conclude signal working properly; don't allocate a vector

* wip: add test suite / example / explanation for using utility subsystem

Unfortunately, the test fails right now for reasons which seem
very odd. Just have to keep poking at it.

* explicitly import everything

* fix subsystem-util test

The root problem here was two-fold:

- there was a circular dependency from subsystem -> test-helpers/subsystem ->
- cfg(test) doesn't propagate between crates

The solution: move the subsystem test helpers into a sub-module
within subsystem. Publicly export them from the previous location
so no other code breaks.

Doing this has an additional benefit: it ensures that no production
code can ever accidentally use the subsystem helpers, as they are compile-
gated on cfg(test).

* fully commit to moving test helpers into a subsystem module

* add some more tests

* get rid of log tests in favor of real error forwarding

It's not obvious whether we'll ever really want to chase down
these errors outside a testing context, but having the capability
won't hurt.

* fix issue which caused test to hang on osx

* only require that job errors are PartialEq when testing

also fix polkadot-node-core-backing tests

* get rid of any notion of partialeq

* rethink testing

Combine tests of starting and stopping job: leaving a test executor
with a job running was pretty clearly the cause of the sometimes-hang.

Also, add a timeout so tests _can't_ hang anymore; they just fail
after a while.

* rename fwd_errors -> forward_errors

* warn on error propagation failure

* fix unused import leftover from merge

* derive eq for subsystemerror
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