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......@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@
use crate::{
prelude::*, rpc_helpers::*, signer::Signer, DryRunConfig, Error, SharedConfig, WsClient,
use jsonrpsee::rpc_params;
use codec::Encode;
use frame_support::traits::Currency;
use jsonrpsee::rpc_params;
/// Forcefully create the snapshot. This can be used to compute the election at anytime.
fn force_create_snapshot<T: EPM::Config>(ext: &mut Ext) -> Result<(), Error<T>> {
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ use frame_support::traits::Get;
use jsonrpsee::ws_client::{WsClient, WsClientBuilder};
use remote_externalities::{Builder, Mode, OnlineConfig};
use sp_npos_elections::ExtendedBalance;
use sp_runtime::{DeserializeOwned, traits::Block as BlockT};
use sp_runtime::{traits::Block as BlockT, DeserializeOwned};
use structopt::StructOpt;
pub(crate) enum AnyRuntime {
......@@ -493,13 +493,10 @@ pub(crate) async fn check_versions<T: frame_system::Config + EPM::Config>(
client: &WsClient,
) -> Result<(), Error<T>> {
let linked_version = T::Version::get();
let on_chain_version = rpc_helpers::rpc::<sp_version::RuntimeVersion>(
.expect("runtime version RPC should always work; qed");
let on_chain_version =
rpc_helpers::rpc::<sp_version::RuntimeVersion>(client, "state_getRuntimeVersion", None)
.expect("runtime version RPC should always work; qed");
log::debug!(target: LOG_TARGET, "linked version {:?}", linked_version);
log::debug!(target: LOG_TARGET, "on-chain version {:?}", on_chain_version);
......@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@
//! The monitor command.
use crate::{
prelude::*, rpc_helpers::*, signer::Signer, Error, MonitorConfig, SharedConfig,
use crate::{prelude::*, rpc_helpers::*, signer::Signer, Error, MonitorConfig, SharedConfig};
use codec::Encode;
use jsonrpsee::types::{traits::SubscriptionClient, Subscription};
use jsonrpsee::ws_client::WsClient;
use jsonrpsee::rpc_params;
use jsonrpsee::{
types::{traits::SubscriptionClient, Subscription},
use sc_transaction_pool_api::TransactionStatus;
use sp_core::storage::StorageKey;
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