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Add manual action to build PR binary (#1470)

* Allow manual action for building a PR binary

* Allow test-refs for PR manual build

* Test PR build in github actions

* Use steps in build

* Removing build via github actions
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......@@ -177,6 +177,18 @@ build-linux-release: &build
- cp -r scripts/docker/* ./artifacts
- sccache -s
build-linux-release-pr: &build
stage: build
<<: *collect-artifacts
<<: *test-refs
<<: *docker-env
<<: *compiler_info
- time cargo build --release --verbose
- mkdir -p ./artifacts
- mv ./target/release/polkadot ./artifacts/.
- sha256sum ./artifacts/polkadot | tee ./artifacts/polkadot.sha256
when: manual
stage: build
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