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Approval Checking: Avoid redundant checks (#3306)

* node/approval-voting: Introduce LruCache for pending Approval work

This commit adds an LruCache that is intended to track the approval work
submitted as background tasks in order to ensure that the validator needn't
launch duplicate approval work for the same candidate across multiple blocks.
A simple state machine is also introduced in order to differentiate pending
and completed tasks. In addition, this LruCache will retain ValidationResults
from the completed approval work once the task has completed. As per LruCache
implementation, the oldest tasks will get evicted as new approval work is
submitted to this cache.

* node/approval-voting: Revert changes to master

This commit reverts changes from the previous commit in order
to simplify addressing the architecture discussion raised in the PR.

* node/approval-voting: remove background task mpsc construct

This diff removes the mpsc construct for background tasks in preparation
for a move to leveraging RemoteHandles to launch approvals, rather than
passing ApprovalRequests to a mpsc channel and handling the ApprovalRequests
in the main subsystem task.

* node/approval-voting: Introduce LRU Cache

This commit introduces an LRU Cache but does not yet make use of it.

* node/approval-voting: Remove BackgroundTasksMap and memoize currently_checking

This commit removes the BackgroundTasksMap in the main subsystem task
and introduces a method to keep track of RemoteHandles in such a way that
we can ensure that a task is spawned once for a CandidateHash and
relay parent tuple.

* node/approval-voting: Remove BackgroundTasksMap and memoize currently_checking

This commit removes the BackgroundTasksMap in the main subsystem task
and introduces a map of FuturesUnordered per BlockNumber. In addition,
a FusedFuture is generated by iterating across all FuturesUnordered for
the BlockNumbers for which at least one candidate has approvals work
running in the subsystem.

* node/approval-voting: Address Rob's comments

This diff removes the prior HashMap<BlockNumber, FuturesUnordered>
construction and instead moves to a simple FuturesUnordered where
all the work is await with Timeout.

* node/approval-voting: Update Cargo.lock

Due to a mismatch in rustc versions

* node/approval-voting: Make use of actions when issuing_approval

This commit fixes a small oversight in the logic of the prior commit.

* node/approval-voting: Address Rob's feedback

* node/approval-voting: Introduce lazy launch_approval evaluation

* node/approval-voting: Send DistibruteApproval message on every LaunchApproval

In addition to fixed the DistributeApproval bug, this commit also
increases the size of the approvals cache and ensures the StaleGuard
is removed when the advantageous approval state is reached.

* node/approval-voting: Address final comments

This commit removes the CandidateIndex from the ApprovalVoteRequest.
Instead, the launch_approval function will compute the candidate_index
from the block entry.

In addition, a comment has been added explaining the difficulty of
issuing approvals in the handle_actions function.

* node/approval-voting: Set timeout to be 120s rather than 2s

* Update Cargo.lock
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......@@ -5976,6 +5976,7 @@ dependencies = [
"futures-timer 3.0.2",
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ futures-timer = "3.0.2"
parity-scale-codec = { version = "2.0.0", default-features = false, features = ["bit-vec", "derive"] }
tracing = "0.1.26"
bitvec = { version = "0.20.1", default-features = false, features = ["alloc"] }
lru = "0.6"
merlin = "2.0"
schnorrkel = "0.9.1"
kvdb = "0.9.0"
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