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Mostly, let guide reflect #2579 (#2583)

* Statement distribution is now validator only.

* Avoid Arc creation where it is not necessarily needed.
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......@@ -773,10 +773,10 @@ impl CandidateBackingJob {
if self.seconded.is_none() {
// This job has not seconded a candidate yet.
let candidate_hash = candidate.hash();
let pov = Arc::new(pov);
if !self.issued_statements.contains(&candidate_hash) {
self.validate_and_second(&span, &candidate, pov.clone()).await?;
let pov = Arc::new(pov);
self.validate_and_second(&span, &candidate, pov).await?;
......@@ -19,8 +19,6 @@ Output:
Implemented as a gossip protocol. Handle updates to our view and peers' views. Neighbor packets are used to inform peers which chain heads we are interested in data for.
Statement Distribution is the only backing subsystem which has any notion of peer nodes, who are any full nodes on the network. Validators will also act as peer nodes.
It is responsible for distributing signed statements that we have generated and forwarding them, and for detecting a variety of Validator misbehaviors for reporting to [Misbehavior Arbitration](../utility/misbehavior-arbitration.md). During the Backing stage of the inclusion pipeline, it's the main point of contact with peer nodes. On receiving a signed statement from a peer, assuming the peer receipt state machine is in an appropriate state, it sends the Candidate Receipt to the [Candidate Backing subsystem](candidate-backing.md) to handle the validator's statement.
Track equivocating validators and stop accepting information from them. Establish a data-dependency order:
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