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Use `max_code_size` and `max_wasm_data_size` from Parachains Configuration (#3329)

* use `configuration::config()` for max bytes

* Update integration_tests.rs

* Update paras_registrar.rs

* remove consts

* add asserts for non-zero

* more const clean up

* cargo run --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=kusama-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=runtime_common::paras_registrar --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --output=./runtime/kusama/src/weights/runtime_common_paras_registrar.rs

* cargo run --release --features=runtime-benchmarks -- benchmark --chain=westend-dev --steps=50 --repeat=20 --pallet=runtime_common::paras_registrar --extrinsic=* --execution=wasm --wasm-execution=compiled --heap-pages=4096 --header=./file_header.txt --output=./runtime/westend/src/weights/runtime_common_paras_registrar.rs

* add checks to `MAX_CODE_SIZE`

* re-pot MAX_POV_SIZE

* check pov limit in runtime

* POV_BOMB_LIMIT multiplier

* fix compile

* Update configuration.rs

* Update node/primitives/src/lib.rs

* fix test
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