Commit 831a2db5 authored by asynchronous rob's avatar asynchronous rob
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remove spammy bitfield-gossip-received log

parent 7f7ffa30
......@@ -495,8 +495,6 @@ where
NetworkBridgeEvent::PeerMessage(remote, message) => {
match message {
protocol_v1::BitfieldDistributionMessage::Bitfield(relay_parent, bitfield) => {
let mut _span = jaeger::hash_span(&relay_parent, "bitfield-gossip-received");
_span.add_string_tag("peer-id", &remote.to_base58());
tracing::trace!(target: LOG_TARGET, peer_id = %remote, "received bitfield gossip from peer");
let gossiped_bitfield = BitfieldGossipMessage {
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