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New Github Workflow to check extrinsic ordering (#3620)

* ci: new workflow for exrtinsic ordering checks from bin

* fix workflow

* sanitize output and show result

* add context to the output

* Add default url

* fix envs

* fix output generation

* Fix the release todos with a link to the gha

* fix typo
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......@@ -105,26 +105,15 @@ functions. Compare the metadata of the current and new runtimes and ensure that
the `module index, call index` tuples map to the same set of functions. In case
of a breaking change, increase `transaction_version`.
To verify the order has not changed:
1. Download the latest release-candidate binary either from the draft-release
on Github, or
[AWS](https://releases.parity.io/polkadot/x86_64-debian:stretch/{{ env.VERSION }}-rc1/polkadot)
(adjust the rc in this URL as necessary).
2. Run the release-candidate binary using a local chain:
`./polkadot --chain=polkadot-local` or `./polkadot --chain=kusama-local`
3. Use [`polkadot-js-tools`](https://github.com/polkadot-js/tools) to compare
the metadata:
- For Polkadot: `docker run --network host jacogr/polkadot-js-tools metadata wss://rpc.polkadot.io ws://localhost:9944`
- For Kusama: `docker run --network host jacogr/polkadot-js-tools metadata wss://kusama-rpc.polkadot.io ws://localhost:9944`
4. Things to look for in the output are lines like:
To verify the order has not changed, you may manually start the following [Github Action](https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/actions/workflows/extrinsic-ordering-check-from-bin.yml). It takes around a minute to run and will produce the report as artifact you need to manually check.
The things to look for in the output are lines like:
- `[Identity] idx 28 -> 25 (calls 15)` - indicates the index for `Identity` has changed
- `[+] Society, Recovery` - indicates the new version includes 2 additional modules/pallets.
- If no indices have changed, every modules line should look something like `[Identity] idx 25 (calls 15)`
Note: Adding new functions to the runtime does not constitute a breaking change
as long as they are added to the end of a pallet (i.e., does not break any
other call index).
as long as the indexes did not change.
### Proxy Filtering
# This workflow performs the Extrinsic Ordering Check on demand using a binary
name: Extrinsic Ordering Check from Binary
description: The WebSocket url of the reference node
default: wss://rpc.polkadot.io
required: true
description: A url to a Linux binary for the node containing the runtime to test
default: https://releases.parity.io/polkadot/x86_64-debian:stretch/v0.9.9-rc1/polkadot
required: true
description: The name of the chain under test. Usually, you would pass a local chain
default: polkadot-local
required: true
name: Run check
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
CHAIN: ${{github.event.inputs.chain}}
BIN_URL: ${{github.event.inputs.binary_url}}
REF_URL: ${{github.event.inputs.reference_url}}
- name: Fetch binary
run: |
echo Fetching $BIN_URL
wget $BIN_URL
chmod a+x polkadot
./polkadot --version
- name: Start local node
run: |
echo Running on $CHAIN
./polkadot --chain=$CHAIN &
- name: Prepare output
run: |
VERSION=$(./polkadot --version)
echo "Metadata comparison:" >> output.txt
echo "Date: $(date)" >> output.txt
echo "Reference: $REF_URL" >> output.txt
echo "Target version: $VERSION" >> output.txt
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> output.txt
- name: Compare the metadata
run: |
CMD="docker run --network host jacogr/polkadot-js-tools metadata $REF_URL ws://localhost:9944"
echo -e "Running:\n$CMD"
$CMD >> output.txt
sed -z -i 's/\n\n/\n/g' output.txt
- name: Show result
run: cat output.txt
- name: Stop our local node
run: pkill polkadot
- name: Save output as artifact
uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
name: ${{ env.CHAIN }}
path: |
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