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Annotated parameter names for events (#1440)

* annotated parameter names for events

* Update runtime/parachains/src/inclusion.rs
Co-authored-by: default avatarBastian Köcher <bkchr@users.noreply.github.com>
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......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ decl_event!(
Balance = BalanceOf<T>,
AccountId = <T as frame_system::Trait>::AccountId
/// Someone claimed some DOTs.
/// Someone claimed some DOTs. [who, ethereum_address, amount]
Claimed(AccountId, EthereumAddress, Balance),
......@@ -187,12 +187,19 @@ decl_event! {
<T as frame_system::Trait>::AccountId,
Balance = BalanceOf<T>,
/// Create a new crowdfunding campaign. [fund_index]
/// Contributed to a crowd sale. [who, fund_index, amount]
Contributed(AccountId, FundIndex, Balance),
/// Withdrew full balance of a contributor. [who, fund_index, amount]
Withdrew(AccountId, FundIndex, Balance),
/// Fund is placed into retirement. [fund_index]
/// Fund is dissolved. [fund_index]
/// The deploy data of the funded parachain is setted. [fund_index]
/// Onboarding process for a winning parachain fund is completed. [find_index, parachain_id]
Onboarded(FundIndex, ParaId),
......@@ -107,19 +107,19 @@ decl_event!(
Balance = BalanceOf<T>,
BlockNumber = <T as frame_system::Trait>::BlockNumber,
/// A new account was created
/// A [new] account was created.
/// Someone's account validity was updated
/// Someone's account validity was updated. [who, validity]
ValidityUpdated(AccountId, AccountValidity),
/// Someone's purchase balance was updated. (Free, Locked)
/// Someone's purchase balance was updated. [who, free, locked]
BalanceUpdated(AccountId, Balance, Balance),
/// A payout was made to a purchaser.
/// A payout was made to a purchaser. [who, free, locked]
PaymentComplete(AccountId, Balance, Balance),
/// A new payment account was set.
/// A new payment account was set. [who]
/// A new statement was set.
/// A new statement was set.
/// A new statement was set. [block_number]
......@@ -268,22 +268,25 @@ decl_event!(
ParaId = ParaId,
Balance = BalanceOf<T>,
/// A new lease period is beginning.
/// A new [lease_period] is beginning.
/// An auction started. Provides its index and the block number where it will begin to
/// close and the first lease period of the quadruplet that is auctioned.
/// [auction_index, lease_period, ending]
AuctionStarted(AuctionIndex, LeasePeriod, BlockNumber),
/// An auction ended. All funds become unreserved.
/// An auction ended. All funds become unreserved. [auction_index]
/// Someone won the right to deploy a parachain. Balance amount is deducted for deposit.
/// [bidder, range, parachain_id, amount]
WonDeploy(NewBidder<AccountId>, SlotRange, ParaId, Balance),
/// An existing parachain won the right to continue.
/// First balance is the extra amount reseved. Second is the total amount reserved.
/// [parachain_id, range, extra_reseved, total_amount]
WonRenewal(ParaId, SlotRange, Balance, Balance),
/// Funds were reserved for a winning bid. First balance is the extra amount reserved.
/// Second is the total.
/// Second is the total. [bidder, extra_reserved, total_amount]
Reserved(AccountId, Balance, Balance),
/// Funds were unreserved since bidder is no longer active.
/// Funds were unreserved since bidder is no longer active. [bidder, amount]
Unreserved(AccountId, Balance),
......@@ -154,11 +154,11 @@ decl_error! {
decl_event! {
pub enum Event<T> where <T as frame_system::Trait>::Hash {
/// A candidate was backed.
/// A candidate was backed. [candidate, head_data]
CandidateBacked(CandidateReceipt<Hash>, HeadData),
/// A candidate was included.
/// A candidate was included. [candidate, head_data]
CandidateIncluded(CandidateReceipt<Hash>, HeadData),
/// A candidate timed out.
/// A candidate timed out. [candidate, head_data]
CandidateTimedOut(CandidateReceipt<Hash>, HeadData),
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