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Implement Runtime APIs (#1411)

* create a README on Runtime APIs

* add ParaId type

* write up runtime APIs

* more preamble

* rename

* rejig runtime APIs

* add occupied_since to `BlockNumber`

* skeleton crate for runtime API subsystem

* improve group_for_core

* improve docs on availability cores runtime API

* guide: freed -> free

* add primitives for runtime APIs

* create a v1 ParachainHost API trait

* guide: make validation code return `Option`al.

* skeleton runtime API helpers

* make parachain-host runtime-generic

* skeleton for most runtime API implementation functions

* guide: add runtime API helper methods

* implement new helpers of the inclusion module

* guide: remove retries check, as it is unneeded

* implement helpers for scheduler module for Runtime APIs

* clean up `validator_groups` implementation

* implement next_rotation_at and last_rotation_at

* guide: more helpers on GroupRotationInfo

* almost finish implementing runtime APIs

* add explicit block parameter to runtime API fns

* guide: generalize number parameter

* guide: add group_responsible to occupied-core

* update primitives due to guide changes

* finishing touches on runtime API implementation; squash warnings

* break out runtime API impl to separate file

* add tests for next_up logic

* test group rotation info

* point to filed TODO

* remove unused TODO [now]

* indentation

* guide: para -> para_id

* rename para field to para_id for core meta

* remove reference to outdated AvailabilityCores type

* add an event in `inclusion` for candidates being included or timing out

* guide: candidate events

* guide: adjust language

* Candidate events type from guide and adjust inclusion event

* implement `candidate_events` runtime API

* fix runtime test compilation

* max -> min

* fix typos

* guide: add `RuntimeAPIRequest::CandidateEvents`
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