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REVERT ME: log when send_msg sends a message to a job

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......@@ -632,6 +632,7 @@ impl<Spawner: SpawnNamed, Job: 'static + JobTrait> Jobs<Spawner, Job> {
/// Send a message to the appropriate job for this `parent_hash`.
async fn send_msg(&mut self, parent_hash: Hash, msg: Job::ToJob) {
if let Entry::Occupied(mut job) = self.running.entry(parent_hash) {
tracing::info!(job = Job::NAME, relay_parent = ?parent_hash, "send_msg sending message");
if job.get_mut().send_msg(msg).await.is_err() {
tracing::debug!(job = Job::NAME, "failed to send message to job, will remove it");
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