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execute_with_client: add 'static bound for Backend (#2049)

This is not a big change since the user definition AbstractClient already is 'static.
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......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ pub trait ExecuteWithClient {
fn execute_with_client<Client, Api, Backend>(self, client: Arc<Client>) -> Self::Output
<Api as sp_api::ApiExt<Block>>::StateBackend: sp_api::StateBackend<BlakeTwo256>,
Backend: sc_client_api::Backend<Block>,
Backend: sc_client_api::Backend<Block> + 'static,
Backend::State: sp_api::StateBackend<BlakeTwo256>,
Api: crate::RuntimeApiCollection<StateBackend = Backend::State>,
Client: AbstractClient<Block, Backend, Api = Api> + 'static;
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