Unverified Commit 47b5896d authored by Tomasz Drwięga's avatar Tomasz Drwięga
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Merge branch 'td-mmr' of github.com:paritytech/polkadot into td-mmr

parents 7515efea d75c57c1
......@@ -838,7 +838,7 @@ fn rococo_staging_testnet_config_genesis(wasm_binary: &[u8]) -> rococo_runtime::
.chain(initial_authorities.iter().map(|x| (x.0.clone(), STASH)))
pallet_beefy: Some(rococo_runtime::BeefyConfig {
pallet_beefy: Some(Default::default()),
// TODO [ToDr] Beefy authorities
authorities: vec![],
......@@ -24,14 +24,14 @@ use pallet_mmr::primitives::LeafDataProvider;
use parity_scale_codec::{Encode, Decode};
use runtime_parachains::paras;
/// A leaf that get's added every block to the MMR constructed by [pallet_mmr].
/// A leaf that gets added every block to the MMR constructed by [pallet_mmr].
#[derive(RuntimeDebug, PartialEq, Eq, Clone, Encode, Decode)]
pub struct MmrLeaf<Hash, MerkleRoot> {
/// Current block parent hash.
pub parent_hash: Hash,
/// A merkle root of all registered parachain heads.
pub parachain_heads: MerkleRoot,
/// A merkle root of the next beefy authority set.
/// A merkle root of the next BEEFY authority set.
pub beefy_next_authority_set: (ValidatorSetId, MerkleRoot),
......@@ -101,9 +101,7 @@ impl<T: Config> Module<T> where
fn parachain_heads_merkle_root() -> MerkleRootOf<T> {
let para_heads = paras::Module::<T>::parachains()
.map(|para_id| {
.map(|maybe_para_head| maybe_para_head.encode())
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