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Fix misleading logs in collator protocol. (#4201)

* Fix misleading logs in collator protocol.

* Make logs debug again.
Co-authored-by: Andronik Ordian's avatarAndronik Ordian <write@reusable.software>
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......@@ -1213,7 +1213,8 @@ where
target: LOG_TARGET,
"Fetch for collation took too long, starting parallel download for next collator as well."
"Timeout hit - already seconded?"
dequeue_next_collation_and_fetch(&mut ctx, &mut state, relay_parent, collator_id).await;
......@@ -1272,6 +1273,12 @@ async fn dequeue_next_collation_and_fetch(
.and_then(|c| c.get_next_collation_to_fetch(Some(previous_fetch)))
target: LOG_TARGET,
"Successfully dequeued next advertisement - fetching ..."
fetch_collation(ctx, state, next, id).await;
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