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Promote `HrmpChannelId` and supply more docs (#1595)

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......@@ -32,12 +32,6 @@ DownwardMessageQueues: map ParaId => Vec<DownwardMessage>;
HRMP related structs:
/// A type used to designate a HRMP channel between a (sender, recipient).
struct HrmpChannelId {
sender: ParaId,
recipient: ParaId,
/// A description of a request to open an HRMP channel.
struct HrmpOpenChannelRequest {
/// The sender and the initiator of this request.
......@@ -5,6 +5,22 @@ Types of messages that are passed between parachains and the relay chain: UMP, D
There is also HRMP (Horizontally Relay-routed Message Passing) which provides the same functionality
although with smaller scalability potential.
## HrmpChannelId
A type that uniquely identifies a HRMP channel. A HRMP channel is established between two paras.
In text, we use the notation `(A, B)` to specify a channel between A and B. The channels are
unidirectional, meaning that `(A, B)` and `(B, A)` refer to different channels. The convention is
that we use the first item tuple for the sender and the second for the recipient. Only one channel
is allowed between two participants in one direction, i.e. there cannot be 2 different channels
identified by `(A, B)`.
struct HrmpChannelId {
sender: ParaId,
recipient: ParaId,
## Upward Message
A type of messages dispatched from a parachain to the relay chain.
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