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New parachain runtime skeleton (#1158)

* file structure and initializer skeleton

* ensure session changes happen before initialization

* add a couple tests for initializer flow

* integrate with session handling

* configuration update logic

* configuration methods

* move test mock to its own module

* integrate configuration into initializer

* add note about initialization order

* integrate configuration module into mock

* add some tests for config module

* paras module storage

* implement paras session change operation

* amend past code pruning to fully cover acceptance period

* update guide again

* do pruning of historical validation code

* add weight to initialization

* integrate into mock & leave notes for next session

* clean up un-ended sentence

* alter test to account for double index in past code meta

* port over code-at logic test

* clarify checking for conflicting code upgrades

* add genesis for paras, include in mock, ensure incoming paras are processed

* note on return value of `validation_code_at`

* implement paras routines from implementor's guide

* bring over some existing tests and begin porting

* port over code upgrade tests

* test parachain registration

* test code_at with intermediate block

* fix warnings

* clean up docs and extract to separate struct

* adjust implementor's guide to include replacementtimes

* kill stray println

* rename expected_at to applied_after

* rewrite ParaPastCodeMeta to avoid reversal

* clarify and test interface of validation_code_at

* make FutureCode optional

* rename do_old_code_pruning

* add comment on Option<()> to answer FAQ

* address some more grumbles
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