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Integrate DMP into PersistentValidationData (#1666)

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......@@ -23,8 +23,23 @@ NeedsDispatch: Vec<ParaId>;
/// This is the para that gets will get dispatched first during the next upward dispatchable queue
/// execution round.
NextDispatchRoundStartWith: Option<ParaId>;
### Downward Message Passing (DMP)
Storage layout required for implementation of DMP.
/// The downward messages addressed for a certain para.
DownwardMessageQueues: map ParaId => Vec<DownwardMessage>;
DownwardMessageQueues: map ParaId => Vec<InboundDownwardMessage>;
/// A mapping that stores the downward message queue MQC head for each para.
/// Each link in this chain has a form:
/// `(prev_head, B, H(M))`, where
/// - `prev_head`: is the previous head hash.
/// - `B`: is the relay-chain block number in which a message was appended.
/// - `H(M)`: is the hash of the message being appended.
DownwardMessageQueueHeads: map ParaId => Option<Hash>;
### HRMP
......@@ -236,12 +251,20 @@ any of dispatchables return an error.
1. If `RelayDispatchQueues` for `P` became empty, remove `P` from `NeedsDispatch`.
1. If `NeedsDispatch` became empty then finish processing and set `NextDispatchRoundStartWith` to `None`.
Utility routines.
`queue_downward_message(P: ParaId, M: DownwardMessage)`:
1. Wrap `M` into `InboundDownwardMessage` using the current block number for `sent_at`.
1. Obtain a new MQC link for the resulting `InboundDownwardMessage` and replace `DownwardMessageQueueHeads` for `P` with the resulting hash.
1. Add the resulting `InboundDownwardMessage` into `DownwardMessageQueues` for `P`.
## Session Change
1. Drain `OutgoingParas`. For each `P` happened to be in the list:
1. Remove all inbound channels of `P`, i.e. `(_, P)`,
1. Remove all outbound channels of `P`, i.e. `(P, _)`,
1. Remove all `DownwardMessageQueues` of `P`.
1. Remove `DownwardMessageQueueHeads` for `P`.
1. Remove `RelayDispatchQueueSize` of `P`.
1. Remove `RelayDispatchQueues` of `P`.
1. Remove `HrmpOpenChannelRequestCount` for `P`
......@@ -125,6 +125,11 @@ struct PersistedValidationData {
parent_head: HeadData,
/// The relay-chain block number this is in the context of. This informs the collator.
block_number: BlockNumber,
/// The MQC head for the DMQ.
/// The DMQ MQC head will be used by the validation function to authorize the downward messages
/// passed by the collator.
dmq_mqc_head: Hash,
/// The list of MQC heads for the inbound channels paired with the sender para ids. This
/// vector is sorted ascending by the para id and doesn't contain multiple entries with the same
/// sender.
......@@ -115,4 +115,13 @@ enum DownwardMessage {
/// paras.
/// A wrapped version of `DownwardMessage`. The difference is that it has attached the block number when
/// the message was sent.
struct InboundDownwardMessage {
/// The block number at which this messages was put into the downward message queue.
pub sent_at: BlockNumber,
/// The actual downward message to processes.
pub msg: DownwardMessage,
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